July 22, 2024

World’s Leading Luxury Wedding Experts Head To Zimbabwe For The 10th Annual Destination Wedding Planners Congress

 World’s Leading Luxury Wedding Experts Head To Zimbabwe For The 10th Annual Destination Wedding Planners Congress

8th April  2024, Dubai, UAE

The 10th Annual Destination Wedding Planners (DWP) Congress, known as the world’s strongest B2B platform for destination weddings,  is finally set to begin from April 15th to 17th, 2024, commencing a voyage on an African adventure. The event is organized by QNA International along with Strategic Event Partner RSVP Events amidst the breathtaking Victoria Falls in Zimbabwe.

In the global wedding industry, as the DWP Congress celebrates ten years of excellence, this breathtaking Annual Congress will open doors to endless possibilities in the world of destination weddings. It will have all the heart and soul of the most important gathering for the destination wedding industry.

While talking about the countdown to the DWP Congress, Tapiwa Mukoti, Founder & Managing Director, RSVP Events, Zimbabwe recalls “I am thrilled and beyond excited to be hosting luxury wedding connoisseurs in my homeland, and it is my privilege to showcase the African bounties of Zimbabwe to all the attendees.”, she added.

She also highlighted “We have made the best efforts to give the taste of true African hospitality experience during the 3 days of the Congress. From a gala in the wild to a sunset cruise on the Zambezi River, there are some amazing experiences waiting in store. I believe Zimbabwe is a rare, undiscovered gem nestled in the crown of Africa that has all the potential to become a sought-after wedding destination.”

Kevin Lee, Founder, Luxury Events By Kevin Lee, USA who is one of the world’s most renowned celebrity wedding specialists mentioned, “Every year I get more excited to enter a new dream world of DWP. Keeping up with high standards and have never been disappointed so I can imagine celebrating 10th year. I always dream of mystic mother nature of the African jungle so getting to see all of that makes me so excited with the beginning of another decade of DWP.”

“Our partnership with the DWP Congress holds significant potential to benefit the African wedding industry in various ways. By being actively involved in this global platform, we aim to showcase the beauty and unique offerings of African destinations, especially Zimbabwe, as ideal locations for destination weddings. As a Videography Partner, we will have the opportunity to highlight the stunning landscapes and cultural richness of Africa through our work, attracting more attention and interest to the continent as a premier wedding destination. Our decision to join the DWP Congress was fueled by the opportunity to be part of a prestigious gathering that celebrates and connects wedding professionals and experts from around the world, right in our backyard.” says Simba Shamu, Founder, Amikam Media, Zimbabwe, the official Videography Partner for the event this year.

One of the world’s leading floral designers, Gideon Hermosa, Founder & CEO, House of Hermosa, Philippines emphasised,  “I’m truly honoured to be a part of this year’s DWP Congress and thrilled to attend once again. It’s one of the highlights of my career. I’m looking forward to reconnecting with colleagues from the events industry worldwide. DWP has truly become a melting pot of the world’s amazing event stylists and designers. I’m particularly excited to explore and learn more about technology integration in the event and wedding industry. The introduction of AI or artificial intelligence in bringing forth more design concepts is intriguing. It’s amazing how technology has paved the way for a more experiential approach to our designs, and I’m eager to discover how else we can integrate it.” he added.

From the point of view of Zillah Chilowa, Lead Wedding Planner at Tangerine Co Event Designing & Planning , Zimbabwe, “we joined the DWP Congress as a partner for the 10th Annual event because it is providing us with a fantastic opportunity to collaborate with wedding industry experts and thought leaders, network with other key stakeholders, gain exposure to new ideas and innovations, and contribute to the advancement of the industry. Attending the DWP Congress is not only a chance to learn and grow professionally, but also a chance to celebrate the incredible work being done in the wedding planning industry. Additionally, the event being hosted in Vic Falls, which is just a 40-minute flight away, made it a convenient and attractive option for us to participate in.

Zillah Chilowa affirmed, “Collaborating with the DWP Congress and leveraging their network of experienced wedding planners and hoteliers worldwide presents a valuable opportunity to showcase African wedding traditions, innovations, and talents on a global stage. By bringing together diverse expertise and perspectives, this partnership can facilitate cultural exchange, foster creativity, and create economic prospects within the wedding industry.”

Tami Walker, Founder, Tami Walker Fine Art Photography , Zimbabwe, one of the Congress’s supporting partner stronglybelieves, “As a Victoria Falls resident and a photographer, I have seen all corners and surrounds of this beautiful little city. So I know how stunning Victoria Falls is as a destination, most especially as a wedding destination. One does not get a more perfect paradise to spend one’s most important day of their life. To be able to support the DWP Congress in any way to try and promote Victoria Falls as a destination is my honour. “I expect that all attendees will be blown away by their jam-packed itinerary.”

Prominent speakers who will be holding the stage are Mark C Thompson, World‘s No.1 CEO Coach, USA, Dr. Bonita S. Thompson, the World‘s No.1 Collaboration Coach, USA, Dr Daniel Langer, the Global Top 5 Luxury Key Opinion Leader, USA, Tapiwa Mukoti, the Founder & Managing Director of RSVP Events Devika Narain, Devika Narain and Company, India, Karen Tran, Karen Tran Florals, USA, Matthew Oliver, Matthew Oliver Weddings, UK and Morin Oluwole, Former Global Luxury Director, META and Luxury Digital Transformation Leader, among many other industry connoisseurs.

Sidh NC, Director, QNA International, added, “ At the DWP Congress, we’re dedicated to shaping the future of destination weddings, one extraordinary event at a time. We look forward to jointly creating conferences that will set new benchmarks worldwide.”

The expectations at this year’s Congress are to network with international wedding industry players and gain valuable insights as well as exchange ideas, explore new trends and opportunities, and most importantly experience the amazing offerings of adventurous Africa!