May 22, 2024

Tips to Take Care of your Baby’s Skin During Winter from Corine de Farme

 Tips to Take Care of your Baby’s Skin During Winter from Corine de Farme

Corine de Farme products are known for their clean & gentle skincare – perfect for every child.

No secrets here – a baby’s skin is known to be extremely sensitive and delicate which is why parents must be very careful at all times. With the Winter season currently in full swing, it is even more vital to be conscious of your child’s skin and the products you use, as the change in weather can cause dehydration and dryness. When looking for the right products that have natural ingredients with the right PH balance and that don’t irritate the skin, Corine De Farme is your saviour!

The French skincare brand, Corine de Farme, has identified the elements that are harmful for a baby, ingredients such as scents, soaps, alcohol, and is renowned for its clean, no-nonsense, gentle skincare, perfect for a baby’s fragile skin. Their products are enriched with 100% natural extracts which soothe, nourish, and maintain healthy skin.

The experts at Corine de Farme have put together these 3 top tips for taking care of your baby’s skin during Winter:

1)     Moisturise

With the weather getting colder, this can cause the little one’s skin to be prone to extra dryness. It is thus important to keep it moisturised at all times, especially after a bath. When looking for the perfect moisturiser for your little one, avoid products with fragrances or alcohol as these ingredients can be irritating and dry out the skin even more.

2)     Bathing

When giving your baby a bath, it is essential to maintain a warm room temperature and have a dry towel on hand to dry and keep the baby warm immediately after a bath. Dry them off as quickly as you can and apply a lotion to maintain their skin’s suppleness and lock in the moisture. You can also switch up bath time and bathe them in the morning rather than in the evening when the temperature gets cooler. Avoid bathing your little one very often as it can leave the baby’s skin dull and dry.

3)     Humidifier

If you find that the air in your home is quite dry, consider investing in a humidifier. More moisture in the air will not only reduce skin dryness, but also help with your little one’s overall health and help them breathe easier.

Here are a few essential picks for babies & toddlers from Corine de Farme’s sulfate-free range, with soothing calendula which is perfect for your baby’s sensitive skin:

Moisturising Baby Lotion for Sensitive Skin (250ml -AED 15, 500ml -AED 23)

Specially formulated for babies from birth, the Moisturising Baby Lotion is enriched with calendula extract known for its soothing and softening properties and with moisturizing vegetable Glycerin. This lotion leaves a baby’s skin supple, moisturized and lightly scented.

Body Oil for Sensitive Skin (250ml- AED 16, 500ml-AED 26)   

The Body Oil is ideal to take care of the skin with Sweet Almond Oil known for its nourishing and softening properties. It moisturizes and preserves skin softness and leaves it lightly scented. 

Gentle Shampoo for Sensitive Skin (500ml- AED 22)

This gentle Shampoo is ideal for the daily cleansing of the delicate hair of new-borns. The formula, enriched with calendula Flower extract known for its soothing and softening properties, doesn’t irritate and respects the sensitive baby’s scalp.

Corine de Farme products are available in 100% biodegradable packaging. The brand relies on green and plant-based packaging to ensure they are doing their part in protecting the planet and being conscious of the impact they have on it as humans.

Corine De Farme products are available online @ and at leading hypermarkets, supermarkets and pharmacies in the UAE. To discover more and keep up with the latest news, visit Corine De Farme’s Instagram page – @CorineDeFarme_UAE.