May 18, 2024

Rules of lingerie you didn’t know

 Rules of lingerie you didn’t know

If you are looking to gift your girlfriend lingerie this Valentines’ Day, stepping foot in a shop without knowing much might be a little too intimidating. Not only do we understand the stress of finding a unique gift, but we are also here to help alleviate it with these rules of lingerie.

Firstly, this person should actually like lingerie. No matter how nice the item, if it’s something that doesn’t make much difference to them it’s best to opt-out. Next, you might want to take a peek at the recipient’s top drawer for a) sizing and b) the styles that they normally wear.

Whether it’s bralettes or patterned options, it’s best to stick to what already works for her. Once you have that figured, you can then look at a variety of designs such as La Senza’s latest collection which features a seductive mix of lace, cotton and mesh materials and find the perfect gift.

Last but not least, don’t forget to look at different colour options. Just because it’s Valentine’s Day does not mean you have to stick to red. Look to bold hues such as magenta, turquoise and charcoal to more neutral shades including evening sand, shell and rose, which complement all skin tones. 

A new set of lingerie can really lift one’s mood and give your relationship that extra special spark.