July 22, 2024

OPPO Find N3 Redefines the Foldable Smartphone Experience with Flexion Hinge Brilliance

 OPPO Find N3 Redefines the Foldable Smartphone Experience with Flexion Hinge Brilliance
  • Leveraging engineering mastery, OPPO introduces the next-generation foldable device, featuring a groundbreaking Flexion Hinge with a Torque Control System.
  • Independently verified for up to 1,000,000 folds, the Find N3 combines cutting-edge technology with a harmonious blend of design, productivity, and power in a world-class smartphone.

Dubai, UAE, 7 December 2023

Designing a flagship smartphone requires expertise, but creating a world-class foldable device demands nothing less than engineering mastery. Leveraging years of research and development in cutting-edge foldable technology, coupled with customer insights, OPPO’s vision culminated in the birth of the next-generation foldable device, OPPO Find N3.

The Brand New OPPO Flexion Hinge

In the realm of foldable smartphones, the hinge takes center stage in defining the user experience. OPPO’s refinement of its Flexion Hinge reaches new heights with its groundbreaking iteration for the Find N3.

A key improvement is OPPO’s new Torque Control System, featuring four quarter-spindle elements on each side, doubling the previous generation’s capacity, resulting in a smooth and resistant folding mechanism. This is further secured by a new anchor and joint core made from a self-developed high-strength steel, forged at ultra-high temperatures and cooled at ultra-low temperatures. This technology makes the Find N3 five times stronger than ordinary steel, ensuring superior drop and impact resistance while maintaining a lighter profile than its predecessors’ materials.

The hinge’s backbone, the core upon which the phone’s structural integrity lies, incorporates a liquid metal with two-times the strength of traditional steel, reducing thickness by 30%. This results in a slimmer, lighter, and stronger end product, setting the stage for a durable experience from the inside out.

The Find N3’s 69-piece Flexion Hinge also benefits from 28 fewer components than that of its predecessor, creating a system that is both simple yet intricate while further reducing weight to an incredible 16.8g.

Pioneering a Flagship Foldable Display

Unfolding the Find N3 reveals a glass-like display that appears seamless, but it involves multiple precisely assembled layers. Underpinning the screen’s structure are carbon fiber support plates, combining rigidity with malleability for a confident experience on the expansive 7.82-inch tablet display. These plates, featuring over 5,000 microscopic laser-made holes, work together to create an almost invisible crease. This also makes the Find N3 36 per cent more resistant to warping than past generation foldables, ensuring an uninterrupted view.

Furthermore, the 360º isotropic micro-cavity support structure guarantees excellent folding performance, even under extreme temperatures, complemented by a self-healing film that smoothens out scuffs and imperfections. This material, coupled with a new polarizer-free layer, reduces screen power consumption by 20%, providing over three extra hours of screen-on time.

Find N3 Durability: Designed for Life

A foldable phone needs to be resistant to wear and damage from the inside out, starting with the hinge. Opening and closing a phone thousands of times could put a lot of pressure on its moving parts, but the Find N3’s hinge undergoes an advanced lubrication process for a lifetime of worry-free motion.

The new weather-sealing process protects the device from life’s splashes, and meticulous testing, scanning, and analyzing, guarantee peace of mind. Independently verified by TÜV Rheinland, the Find N3 achieves a reliable folding certification of up to 1,000,000 folds-truly a foldable for life.

For users exposed to extreme temperatures, from scorching 50ºC heat to arctic -20ºC, the Find N3 proves its resilience. The ultra-durable cover screen glass, tested to handle powerful point-to-point collisions when closed, further exemplify its robust build.

A Solid Foundation and a World Class Smartphone

The Find N3 is more than just cutting-edge technology; it’s a harmonious blend of design, productivity, and power. With its pro-grade triple camera system, PC-grade productivity interface, and long-lasting, fast charging battery, OPPO places a world-class smartphone in the palm of users’ hand.

OPPO’s flagship folding phone, the Find N3 combines capability with durability, style with substance, and engineering mastery with real-world benefits. These elements come together to empower users to unfold possibilities they never thought imagined in the world of foldable smartphones.