Hungarian Gastronomy Shines Bright in New MICHELIN Guide

 Hungarian Gastronomy Shines Bright in New MICHELIN Guide

Culinary excellence with 11 new Michelin Stars and 59 Recommendations in The MICHELIN Guide Hungary 2023, drawing Middle East gourmet travellers closer to Hungary. Hungarian restaurants have not only successfully maintained their Michelin stars and recommendations but also welcomed new additions to the esteemed list of winners from the previous year. The newly released Hungarian edition of the MICHELIN Guide still boasts two 2-Michelin-starred and seven 1-Michelin-starred restaurants, with a remarkable increase of 14 more restaurants receiving Michelin recommendations compared to the previous year.

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In Hungary, there are more and more restaurants using local and seasonal ingredients, both in the capital and in the countryside. They are both pillars of the basic tourism infrastructure and, with the right quality standards, can also function as attractions in their own right. This is confirmed by last year’s first-ever list of restaurants for the whole country, published by the MICHELIN Guide, which has now put the country’s gastronomic offer on the culinary map of visitors worldwide. In the second national evaluation, 28 restaurants in Budapest and 47 in the countryside have been awarded even more than last year.

All the restaurants that earned Michelin stars or recommendations last year have made it into this year’s selection, alongside the impressive addition of 14 new dining establishments. Based on the judgments of the inspectors conducting the evaluations, an additional 8 restaurants in Budapest and 6 in the countryside will now proudly display the Michelin recommendation plaques. These additional recognitions affirm the tremendous progress that regional gastronomy has undergone in recent years. Thanks to this development, the number of Michelin-recommended gastronomic venues has surpassed all previous records, with a total of 59 restaurants receiving accolades this year. Moreover, Morzsa in Pécs has brought the Bib Gourmand for the first time, representing restaurants which offer excellent value for money offerings, to a total of 7.

Sustainability is becoming an increasingly important buzzword in tourism, which is why it’s crucial to note that the number of Green Star-rated hospitality establishments has continued to rise compared to last year. This year, a total of 5 restaurants across the country proudly bear this designation. Among the newcomers to last year’s ranking is Villa Kabala in Szigliget. The Green Star from MICHELIN acknowledges every aspect of kitchen and restaurant work, from ingredient sourcing to the use of local and seasonal products, right through to waste management. Thanks to the multitude of these ratings, Hungary has become one of Central Europe’s prominent culinary hubs.

The stars and recommendations stand as shining evidence of top-tier culinary artistry and high-quality Hungarian hospitality. Gastronomy is one of the most common factors influencing travel decisions. This is evidenced by the fact that Hungary’s high-quality gastronomy is a significant draw in many key source markets.  One-day visitor numbers have also seen a spectacular increase, often registering double-digit growth in destinations with restaurants featured in this prestigious culinary guide.

The Tata-based Gourmet Platán, the first 2-Michelin-starred restaurant outside the capital, has not only experienced a remarkable surge in interest over the past year but has also attracted a more open-minded and adventurous audience, often visiting the city specifically for the restaurant. Collaborating with local and regional providers and attractions, their bundled program packages have revitalized local businesses.

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The traffic-boosting impact of these prestigious international accolades is further confirmed by the experiences of Budapest’s Stand, which earned 2 Michelin stars last year. According to the owner, reservations are now only available weeks in advance.

The increasing number of Michelin stars and plates, along with Bib Gourmand designations, serves as an important signal to emerging, young domestic culinary talents and those considering a career in the field. It underscores that their professional development is assured within Hungary, and the tourism sector offers long-term appealing professional challenges.

“The Hungarian Tourism Agency acknowledges the Middle East travellers’ deep appreciation for gourmet experiences and culinary journeys. With 11 new Michelin stars and 59 recommendations in The MICHELIN Guide Hungary 2023, Hungary’s culinary scene continues to earn international acclaim, bolstering momentum within the tourism sector. We believe this recognition will elevate Hungary in the minds and hearts of Middle Eastern travellers, offering yet another enticing reason to include Hungary in their next travel plans.”, said Ivan Ljubinkovic, Regional Head of Business Development, Hungarian Tourism Agency.

In addition to the star ratings established in 1936, the Michelin Guide now evaluates restaurants in several other categories. The well-known * signifies excellent cuisine, making it worth a stop if you happen to be in the area. ** is awarded to restaurants that are worth a detour, even for a longer journey, while *** is reserved for exceptional quality kitchens that are destinations in themselves, justifying a special trip. In addition to these, the BIB Gourmand recognition is given to restaurants offering excellent value for money, where you can enjoy high-quality food at moderate prices. Typically, this includes excellent bistros or family-run eateries. The Plate (Assiette) distinction is awarded to restaurants serving carefully crafted, good-quality dishes, and the Green Star acknowledges the restaurant’s efforts towards sustainability.

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The MICHELIN Guide, a French restaurant guide, boasts a history of over a century. Since its inception, it has evaluated over 30,000 establishments across more than 40 destinations worldwide, placing a strong emphasis on exceptional quality. Thanks to this legacy, it continues to be one of the most prestigious recognitions in the culinary world to this day.

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