May 23, 2024




Dubai, United Arab Emirates (December 18, 2021): The beauty industry is in urgent need of a makeover. Every year, the sector generates billions of pieces of packaging, most of which is plastic that ends up in landfills or in our oceans. And while more and more of us are trying hard to reduce our impact on the planet, we can’t do it without brave, transformative acts from the businesses we love. That’s where The Body Shop comes in.

The activist beauty brand is on a mission to scrub up our bodies and scrub up the world. For them, it all starts with a refill revolution. And it starts now.

This year, The Body Shop launched an ambitious rollout of refill stations across 500 stores globally and a further 300 stores in 2022. This is their bid to help more people opt out of the packaging, eliminating waste before products reach the bathroom shelf. They want refills to be easy, convenient and accessible to everyone, which is why this is simply their first step in a 4-year plan to roll out refill stations in the majority of their stores across the globe.

Now, customers can purchase a refillable 300ml aluminium bottle and fill it up with any of 12 of the brand’s best-loved shower gels, shampoos, conditioners and hand washes. And, when you run out of lather, you just need to bring back the cleaned bottle, ready to be refilled. Reusing your packaging really is that simple. Seemingly small acts can lead to big change.

“Why waste a container when you can refill it? And why buy more of something than you can use? We behaved as my mother did in the Second World War, we reused everything, we refilled everything, and we recycled all we could (…) The foundation of The Body Shop’s environmental activism was born out of ideas like these.”

– Dame Anita Roddick

To raise awareness about the launch of the new refill system in-store*, The Body Shop UAE launched a local campaign to encourage people to switch to refill. The brand collaborated with the young and talented Emirati multi-media artist, Mahra AlFalahi, to create an immersive piece of art. Mahra painted an anamorphic art installation showcasing The Body Shop new refill bottle nested amongst some of The Body Shop’s iconic natural ingredients.

Set up in Dubai Design District against the picturesque background of the Burj Khalifa, the visually-inspiring art piece is a reminder of our responsibility towards making sustainable choices. It will be accessible to the public from 13th to 19th December.

Georgie Coppin, Global Head of Marketing Sustainable Innovation at The Body Shop International says ‘The Body Shop is committed to being the most sustainable business it can be. To drive positive change, we want to inspire and empower individuals all over the world to make refill part of their new, more sustainable beauty lifestyle. Together, each of our small acts can make a big difference.’

By creating this new refill system, The Body Shop isn’t just putting aluminium bottles in your hands, but the responsibility to really do some good. Now’s your time to shine and to bring about positive change. Now’s your time to join the refill.

* The refill bottles are available at The Body Shop stores in Mall of the Emirates, Nakheel Mall, and Dubai Marina Mall.