May 25, 2024



The spectacular lineup of talented designers continues to thrill the audiences at Fashion Week 2021. Today, Splash Fashion and Supreme Events supports emerging fashion designers through an initiative, where they have collaborated to foster regional talent.

Day 2: 17th December 2021 Dubai, United Arab Emirates: There is a definite elation at the event, as Dubai’s fashion influencers, luxury buyers came together to support local talent at Fashion Week 2021. Their creative buzz was visible as MENASA’s talent continues to showcase spectacular ensembles. The highlight of the day was the opening show, a unique initiative aimed at fostering upcoming designers, specially created by Raza Baig of Splash Fashion and Saif Ali Khan of Supreme Events, in keeping with their continued commitment to shine the light on emerging talent.

Raising the style quotient, the powerful lineup of designers -Varoin Marwah, Rocky S and Limak by Kamil-showcased remarkable ensembles, signing diversity, as designers from different regions, came together to launch their style signatures. Striking a chord with celebrities, fashion enthusiasts, influencers, this immersive experience also resonated deeply with the local buyers who were in attendance.

Emerging Talent and Fashion Show by Splash Fashions

The opening show highlighted emerging talent, selected by Splash Fashions, as the winner of FAD Emerging Talent Show. Areej RIMAWI was co-presented by Supreme events. Focused on fostering upcoming designers and paving their paths, Fashion Week 2021 proved to be the trampoline from which she launched her modern and modest collection. And RIMAWI’s collection was a perfect example of Dubai’s modest style with a touch of culture.

Limak by Kamil

A designer inspired by his roots Kamil honed his passion to evolve as an expert in glamourous formal attire. Kamil’s collections were elegantly constructed, with a sense of drama. Having designed for Sri Lankan celebrities, international beauty pageants -Miss Universe, Miss International, and Supermodel Of The World, Limak by Kamil showcased the same touch of class in Dubai. His design story revolved around a touch of vintage with a modern twist, perfect for Dubai’s red carpet

Varoin Marwah

‘Upwards and Onwards’ made a meaningful and positive impact, raising hope. Marwah’s strong stripes, geometrics, fine cuts, were sharply edited; his hand-painted motifs, a subtle reminder of rising and getting past the pandemic challenges. But the showstoppers were Marwah’s womenswear. A sleekly designed capsule collection, with a wonderful fit, showing the designer’s ability to reflect the refinement and finesse expected by the power woman of today.

Rocky S

Known for his signature styling of Bollywood Divas, Rocky’s newest collection is an ode to the Galactic world. The shimmer and glittering starlight reflected through a combination of classic black and antique gold were sheer and shiny. The detailed sparkling sequin embroideries gave it an edge.

Kevin Oliver’s choreography sets this event apart from most fashion weeks of the past. This was pure theatrics. The music performances, the interplay of light turned the stoic models into thespians!! The high quality of production, associated with both Saif Ali Khan and Kevin Oliver, ensured that Fashion Week 2021, sets a high bar, for showcasing style.

Supreme Events, Produced and Organized this event with a focus on offering a relaunch opportunity to both established and emerging talent. Saif Ali Khan the founder and producer of Fashion Week 2021 says “We had to dare, we had to bring hope and light to the Fashion Industry. We also wanted to stir joy in the hearts of Dubai’s fashion lovers.” Day 2 proved to do just that! Especially with the region’s fashion lovers, social influencers and a sprinkling of celebrities turning up and shine on Fashion Week 2021’s red carpet.