June 15, 2024



Gratify your taste buds and visit caya for a taste of its unique, winter inspired dishes

caya, the Mediterranean homegrown eatery, welcomes diners to experience its newly launched winter menu inspired by the warmth and festive flavours of the season. In its newly revamped restaurant located in the heart of Town Square Dubai Park, diners can relish themselves in the Mediterranean flavours of six new dishes and two new drinks from caya’s menu.

Available from the 14th of November onwards, guests who are looking for the feel of winter comfort in their meals can visit caya. An intimate venue with the option of al fresco dining, caya’s new menu blends its Mediterranean menu with winter flavours such as cinnamon, cheese with honey, pickled apples, and more.

Some of caya’s new dishes include an Usmalia Feta, a kunafa and feta cheese combination served with thyme infused honey, fig relish, and caramelised fig over a bed of creamy labneh. A slow cooked, tender Winter Brisket is served surrounded by a spiced Asian sauce and layered with picked apples for those looking for a bit of heat in their meal. Inverting the traditional fondue formula, caya has prepared a Fondue For Two composed of a 48 hour sourdough pizza topped with grated pecorino and parmesan cheese where diners can then pour a warm, homemade serving of parmesan fondue over their cheesy delight. Make It Pink is a twist on a classic pasta dish where angel hair spaghetti is tossed in a rich tomato sauce, and rolled next to a side of parmesan fondue drizzled with basil oil. Concluding the meal, caya has served up a Donut Torrija, an infusion of vanilla custard with cheese and honey served with a side of luscious cinnamon sauce.

In addition to six new winter dishes, two drinks have been created to add further splendour to the menu. A Lady Bellini is made with sweet peach syrup and elderflower, and with an added touch of lemon, the drink packs a citrusy and zesty kick. And a Margarita formed with sparkling water and sweet margarita syrup offers a light and refreshing taste for such a flavourful menu.

caya is a homegrown neighbourhood eatery inspired by the coasts of the Mediterranean, as do those living in the Southern European region, the concept celebrates the simple pleasures in life such as family, food, and being a hot spot for gathering with friends and family in a tranquil environment. And welcoming you early next year, caya is set to open its second hot spot in Sharjah, offering a culinary escape like no other. Visit caya this November to experience the restaurant’s newly launched winter menu that will keep you warm this season.

Location: Town Square Dubai Park

Date: November 14 onwards

Price: AED 29 to AED 99

Time: 8am to 11pm