May 27, 2024

Consensus in Loyalty Market: Emerging Technologies Solidify Middle East Landscape

 Consensus in Loyalty Market: Emerging Technologies Solidify Middle East Landscape

Dsquares leads the global event unveiling AI-enabled innovations.

23rd April, Dubai, UAE

This week, the global loyalty market convened at the Dubai World[1]  Trade Center on the 23rd and 24th of April, to explore the latest industry trends in the Middle East. With more than 3,000 attendees and over 800 brands participating, there was a unanimous agreement that technological and loyalty solution advancements in the Middle East are unparalleled.

The loyalty market in the UAE is set to increase from US$1.42 billion in 2023 to reach $US2.23 billion by 2028, compared to the global loyalty market valued at $44 Billion by 2032. The Emirati loyalty programs market is rapidly expanding, with firms continuously innovating and developing new technologies.

This surge is driven by the dynamic competitive landscape in the Emirati loyalty market. Increasing consumer demand for rewards, redemption options, and points-earning opportunities is further solidifying the industry’s positive outlook.

As a demonstration of their dedication to global excellence, Dsquares, a leading provider of B2B loyalty and rewards solutions, the sponsor of Global Loyalty Connect, chose this prestigious event to unveil their newly launched AI-enabled Campaign Command Center. This sophisticated platform enables companies to create data-driven, hyper-personalized campaigns, strategically designed to retain existing clients and acquire new ones in today’s fiercely competitive market.

Marwan Kenawy, CEO of Dsquares, remarked, “Our program is meticulously crafted to enhance marketers’ ability to establish personalized and pertinent connections with customers, thereby intensifying engagement and fostering loyalty. The accelerated development of big data, machine learning, and AI technologies is acting as a catalyst for substantial market expansion opportunities, with the UAE and KSA markets positioned as key areas poised for growth.”

Moreover, Dsquares revealed its customer loyalty platforms exclusively designed for Apple VisionPro devices during the event. This innovative technology offers an interactive marketplace and personalized gamification experiences that can be accessed through the device, fostering deeper customer connections, heightened engagement, and enhancing personalized experiences within the loyalty market.

According to Khaled Nazif, COO of Dsquares, “We are only beginning to explore the potential of emerging technologies. With tech giants like Apple and META investing billions into the development of smaller, more affordable augmented reality headsets, we anticipate a shift towards immersive experiences. At Dsquares, we are eagerly embracing this future.”

The company took center stage with keynote speeches and panel discussions focusing on the pivotal role of emerging technologies, the ascent of omnichannel loyalty and personalization, data ownership, and engaging reward systems infused with gamification. Esteemed industry experts shared their profound insights and expertise, delving into cutting-edge innovations across diverse sectors such as banking, telecom, retail, FMCGs, travel, hospitality, automotive, petroleum, and e-commerce.

Kenawy commented on the company’s expansion plans in the region, he said, “As we extend our reach into the GCC market, we recognize the rising need for diverse marketing strategies fueled by technological advancements. Our projections indicate ongoing growth, underpinned by our commitment to meeting evolving industry demands”.

Dubai World Trade Center [1]