July 22, 2024

Claypot’s Desi Thali is Joy on a Plate

 Claypot’s Desi Thali is Joy on a Plate

Great way to enjoy award-winning restaurant’s awesome new menu.  

Colours, curries, condiments and a cornucopia of flavours is what makes the Thali such a favorite of food lovers everywhere.

With a variety of curries and regional Indian classic dishes served with bread, raita, rice and pickles, the Desi Thali lunch at Claypot Bur Dubai is a must-try and a great way to enjoy the award-winning Indian restaurant’s new ingredient-focused menu.

Served from 12 pm to 3 pm Sunday – Friday, this plate of joy can be enjoyed for just AED 37 for the non-vegetarian option and AED 27 for the vegetarian option. If it’s a liquid lunch you can add a bottle of hops for just AED 20.

Or just head over any day of the week to try the new menu in its entirety.  From succulent kebabs to delectable chaat, coastal curries, fragrant biryanis and regional favourites like Laal Maas, Sambhar Sadam and Gosht Kaliya, a meal at Claypot is really a feast for your senses.

Evoking the tastes, smells, and seasons of home, it showcases traditional Indian cuisine the way it was meant to be cooked—unpretentious and wholesome using authentic ingredients and homemade spices and pastes.

Throw in some lively décor, great service and live music and you have a perfect recipe.

“Claypot is a tried and tested concept, so we don’t veer too far away from what has traditionally worked for us with this new menu. But the soul of a recipe comes from the cook so what we have tried to do is showcase our inventiveness and passion by being a little edgy and playful.   By using forgotten ingredients like yam and figs to add subtle flavors to the kebabs and curries, for example, we are paying homage to our heritage but having fun while doing it,” said Nikhil Dobriyal, executive chef, Citymax Bur Dubai, who conceptualized the new menu.

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