June 15, 2024

The world’s leading business networking and referral organisation BNI launches BNI Unlimited

 The world’s leading business networking and referral organisation BNI launches BNI Unlimited

Catering to popular demand, an exciting new page turns open with the highly anticipated launch of BNI Unlimited in New Dubai.

23 MAY 2024, DUBAI

The newest chapter under BNI New Dubai, BNI Unlimited is set to debut on 28th May 2024. Seasoned Launch Directors Tina Mehra-Joshi and Deeksha Gandotra have come together to build a burgeoning community, connecting even more leaders in Dubai through this new chapter. The networking group that embodies unity and business diversity in the UAE, will have the new chapter offering another additional platform to connect more business leaders in the region.

A tight-knit network of industry players and professionals, BNI members see an uptick in business by 20% in the first year on average. A dynamic and committed group of business leaders, member success revolves around symbiotic relationships.

Tina Mehra-Joshi, Co-launch Director, comments: “Networking is a cornerstone of effective business development, and this expansion is open to all. BNI Unlimited is designed to cater to the needs of New Dubai’s business community, especially for those seeking strategic alliances and opportunities for collaboration.”

Deeksha Gandotra, Co-launch Director, adds: “At BNI, we’re committed to providing a dynamic platform where members develop genuine connections, help each other’s businesses grow by exchanging referrals, and drive mutual success.”

Satyen Babla, Executive Director added, “We are incredibly proud of our launch team and thrilled to welcome BNI Unlimited to the family. As our seventh chapter in the New Dubai region, BNI Unlimited brings our membership close to 300 members. This growth symbolizes increased opportunities for our members, and we eagerly anticipate reaching new heights together in the coming months.”

BNI Unlimited: Enabling unparalleled business growth

With diverse cultural representation, an equally diverse blend of businesses, and an equal gender ratio, BNI Unlimited promises to be a chapter of immense potential.

Following this launch, BNI will operate 30 chapters in the UAE – a testament to its expansive network, boasting over 1,200 members in the country.

BNI: Global business leaders helping each other thrive

There are several benefits to joining this world-renowned community, from increasing business prospects to exclusive member resources like networking tools and public speaking opportunities. Each BNI meeting delivers great value, including a chance to demonstrate your expertise and access resources from relevant fields.

Givers Gain® is the principle core value at BNI, where members keep each others’ goals and interests in mind. Ethical motivation is key to its collective success.

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For more information, visit bninewdubai.ae