May 22, 2024


  • Mega Gold and Jewellery raffle winners overjoyed with their valuable, life-changing prizes 
  • Winners express their gratitude to the Dubai Shopping Festival organisers for remarkable chances to win 
  • Prizes with a total of around AED30 million being given away throughout the duration of the festival.

Dubai, United Arab Emirates, 10 January 2022: Dubai Shopping Festival’s incredible raffles, prizes and surprises continue to bring joy and excitement to its lucky winners from all nationalities and backgrounds.  Dubai is the city of dreams that offers incredible opportunities for its residents and visitors, especially during the festivals and events organized by the Dubai Festivals and Retail Establishment.  Dubai Shopping Festival, in particular, has transformed the lives of many people over the years through its grand raffles and prizes courtesy of the festivals’ strategic partners and main sponsors.

During this year’s 27th edition, residents and visitors have the opportunity to make their dreams come true with the Dubai Shopping Festival grand raffles.  This includes the Nissan, Infiniti, and Dubai Gold & Jewellery Group Raffles as well as those organised by the Dubai Shopping Malls Group and Idealz which increase the chances to win and offer unforgettable experiences. The prizes offered by the Dubai Shopping Festival, with a total value of around 30 million dirhams, include everything from cash prizes to luxury cars, gold and much more.

The Dubai Gold & Jewellery Group Raffles are particularly popular amongst gold, jewellery and diamond lovers, who tend to shop for these items during the festival to increase their chances of winning while enjoying the shopping experience at Dubai’s key gold markets, the beautiful outdoor weather, and top quality of craftsmanship that Dubai, the city of gold, is known for. 

Here, some of the lucky winners of ¼ kilogram of gold in the Dubai Gold & Jewellery Group Raffle, tell us how they feel about winning big this DSF and more about their future plans:

Areen C’ mother from India: I put my baby’s name on the coupon, and we’re going to build our dream home

Nusrath, mother of Areen C said: “I am a resident of Dubai and have been here for almost three years. It is my first time taking part in a DSF raffle. I am a pharmacist working with Life Pharmacy. I went with my manager to purchase some gold for her relative, and they gave us a coupon. My manager told me to fill in my baby daughter’s name, which I didl, not expecting anything. Alhamdulillah, we won 250 grams of gold. At first, I thought it was a prank! We have started to build our new home with this. I am thankful to God and everyone.”

Zenat Khadr from Italy: My belated birthday gift turned out to be ¼ kilo of gold

Zenat said: “ I have been a Dubai resident since 2015 and have tried my luck on similar occasions. However, I did not win anything until now. It’s my first time to take part in this particular draw and for this prize. I went with my mom to the Gold Souk to get a late birthday gift and once we finalized the payment, the cashier passed me the token to fill it up. I agreed, however I mentioned that I’m not that lucky. I still can’t believe that I have finally won and I’m a winner of a prize of ¼ kilo of gold. I’m still surprised – I can’t believe it.”

Muhammad from Pakistan: I went to buy a gift for my mother and was delighted by this amazing win

Muhammad said: “I’ve been a resident of Abu Dhabi since February 2019, and I’m extremely happy and thankful to the UAE for such an amazing initiative. I don’t know how I won, to be honest, and was very surprised as it was the last thing I was expecting. I went to a gold shop to buy something for my mother and they asked me to fill these raffle draw coupons, which I did with the least hope of winning anything. But Alhamdullilah, I won ¼ kilo of gold and now I can worry about other things in life, excluding gold, for some time.”

The Dubai Gold & Jewellery Group is offering mega raffles from December 17 to January 29, and a chance to win prizes totaling 25 kilograms of gold.  Residents and visitors who buy jewellery at any of the 180 participating Dubai Gold & Jewellery Group outlets across Dubai including in Deira Gold Souk, Meena Bazaar and the city’s malls, will enter the raffle.

Shoppers who spend Dhs500 at participating Dubai Gold & Jewellery Group outlets can claim one ticket for spending on gold, and two tickets for spending on diamonds and pearls, to enter the raffle draw held every other day for a chance to win 1kg of gold.  The prize will  be equally divided among 4 winners.  There is also a grand prize at the end of the campaign, of 2 kilograms of gold that will be divided equally among 8 lucky winners who will receive ¼  kilograms of gold each.

Dubai Shopping Festival runs until 30 January 2022, with a packed line up of citywide activations, promotions and opportunities to shop, win and play all day, every day.