July 24, 2024

UAE Businesses Brace for Eid Surge

 UAE Businesses Brace for Eid Surge

Dubai, UAE, April 2024

Businesses in the UAE are anticipating a significant surge in activity during Eid. As one of the most celebrated festivals in the region, Eid brings about a palpable sense of joy and festivity, accompanied by increased consumer spending. From retail outlets offering special discounts on clothing, electronics, and gifts to restaurants bustling with families and friends enjoying lavish feasts, the entire commercial landscape is poised for a boost. Additionally, with the UAE being a popular destination for tourists during Eid, sectors like automobiles, hospitality and tourism are primed for a surge in demand.

“As Eid approaches, we anticipate a significant uptick in demand for transportation services, with a projected surge of up to 10% in daily or weekly bookings. This heightened demand is primarily expected from travelers originating from GCC countries, who typically flock to the UAE during this festive period to celebrate with family and friends. Given the familial nature of Eid celebrations, we anticipate a preference for spacious and comfortable vehicles, particularly full-sized and compact SUVs. These vehicles are well-suited to accommodate families traveling together, providing ample space for both passengers and luggage, ensuring a comfortable and enjoyable journey during this special occasion,” said Soham Shah, Founder and CEO of Selfdrive Mobility

 Hospitality in the UAE is poised for substantial growth, as families and tourists alike seek unforgettable experiences. Hotels, holiday homes and resorts are preparing to accommodate the surge in visitors, offering special packages and exclusive amenities tailored to the festive spirit.

Vinayak Mahtani

“Amidst the rush of last-minute bookings, this year’s Eid promises an extraordinary surge, with an anticipated 30% uptick compared to the previous year. Villas and penthouses reign supreme, catering to families from both within and outside the UAE, spanning from luxury beach enthusiasts to first-time Dubai visitors on a budget. Downtown, Dubai Marina, and JBR stand as the most coveted locales. From European holidaymakers to residents of diverse nationalities, the demand is palpable. Rates, varying with property size and location, soar to peak levels, starting from AED 10,000 per night. Surpassing last year’s figures by double digits, we’re poised to exceed an impressive 80% occupancy. And with our exclusive offer of ‘Stay 5 nights, get the 5th for free,’ the allure of Eid celebrations in Dubai becomes irresistible,” said Vinayak Mahtani, CEO of bnbme holiday homes.

Additionally, restaurants are gearing up to serve sumptuous feasts, while entertainment venues are planning captivating events to delight guests, reflecting the vibrancy and diversity of the UAE’s hospitality sector. With a perfect blend of luxury, culture, and hospitality, the industry stands ready to thrive during this celebratory period, showcasing the UAE’s renowned reputation for hospitality excellence on a global scale.

Gaurav Sabharwal

“We are undoubtedly on the brink of a significant surge in demand during Eid, poised for an impressive growth rate of around 120%. Regarding sales projections, we anticipate a substantial increase of approximately 25% – 30% compared to the previous Eid period, driven by Eid coinciding with a peak tourist season. This uptick mirrors the festive fervour and heightened dining experiences which is in line with this celebratory occasion. Our strategic focus will center on our mall outlets, anticipated to serve as bustling hubs of activity and customer engagement during Eid, where visitors congregate to revel and indulge in culinary delights. Our menu analysis indicates that our signature street foods, celebrated for their authentic flavours and inventive twists, will reign supreme in consumer preference during Eid. Moreover, our kid-friendly offerings, including bubble tea, are expected to witness a notable uptick in demand as families seek delightful treats for their young ones. This surge in demand is forecasted to stem from a diverse mix of customers, spanning residents and visiting tourists, underscoring the universal appeal of our cuisine and the inclusive nature of our dining experience, catering to both local communities and adventurous visitors,” said Gaurav Sabharwal, CEO of WOK BOYZ.