June 22, 2024

Trusity collaborates with Abdulla Al Ghurair Foundation in Takween Initiative 

 Trusity collaborates with Abdulla Al Ghurair Foundation in Takween Initiative 

Trusity, a leader in online education, proudly announces its strategic partnership with the Abdulla Al Ghurair Foundation (AGF) in the Takween initiative, the UAE’s first after-school learner enrichment program designed to empower Emirati students between the ages 13-18 in public schools through academic reinforcement and skill development.

Trusity, one of the key contributors to the Takween initiative, aims at enriching Emirati students with academic strengthening and skill development through various specialized programs. Trusity’s participation in the Takween initiative with AGF is not just about education; it’s about shaping a generation equipped with the essential skills for future success.

The organization’s commitment extends beyond traditional learning, emphasizing experiential learning and play-based activities to cultivate a future-ready generation. From mastering communication and coding to navigating drone program building, Trusity ensures students graduate with a holistic skill set that includes entrepreneurship, communication, and technology skills—essential components for success in the dynamic job market of the future.

Recognizing the paramount importance of effective communication, Trusity offers specialized courses aimed at enhancing students’ verbal and written skill. The Communication Program at Trusity is designed to empower students with the ability to articulate ideas clearly, express themselves persuasively, and engage in effective interpersonal communication. The “English for Life” programme ensures practical language proficiency for real-world scenarios, extending beyond academic contexts.

The Entrepreneurship program at Trusity goes beyond traditional education by providing hands-on training at an early age. Through practical exercises, interactive projects, and real-world simulations, students gain firsthand experience in the intricacies of entrepreneurship. By immersing themselves in the entrepreneurial process, they learn to identify opportunities, develop business plans, and execute strategies, fostering a proactive and innovative mindset. Mentorship is a cornerstone of the Entrepreneurship Program, ensuring that students receive guidance from experienced professionals in the fields of innovation, entrepreneurship, and communication.

Acknowledging the digital age’s demands, Trusity introduces students to coding, a fundamental skill vital for the technologically advanced job market. The Coding program goes beyond traditional coding education by incorporating a hands-on Drone Workshop component. This unique approach not only teaches students the intricacies of programming but also provides them with practical experience in operating and programming drones. This combination of coding and drone technology not only enriches their technical skill set but also fosters qualities such as teamwork and problem-solving. The Coding Bootcamps with Drone Workshop offer a multifaceted learning experience, integrating coding proficiency with practical applications in drone technology. By doing so, the program not only enhances digital literacy but also nurtures teamwork, problem-solving abilities, and a consciousness of the transformative impact technology can have on creating a more sustainable and interconnected world.

“This initiative with the support of AGF perfectly aligns with our mission to cultivate a future-ready generation, equipping them with the essential skills to navigate and excel in the evolving job market. Building 21st-century skills and fostering employability not only ensures their success but also contributes to a brighter and more secure future”, said Rajani Nalla, Founder & CEO, Trusity.

As a contributor to AGF’s Takween initiative, the organization remains dedicated to shaping the educational landscape and preparing Emirati students for a successful future filled with possibilities.

“Takween underscores the Abdulla Al Ghurair Foundation’s commitment to supporting the youth of the UAE. Through our collaboration with the Emirates School Establishment and partners such as Trusity, we aim to create opportunities for academic and skill development,” said Danah Dajani, Senior Vice President of AGF. This initiative is designed to prepare students not only for academic success but also for their future roles in society by equipping them with a broad set of skills.”