July 22, 2024



Consumers Can Purchase LG TV’s and Stream Apple TV Content for up to Three Months.

DUBAI, January 24th, 2022 – With the start of the new year comes the release of a bevy of binge-worthy movies and TV shows to stream. From Netflix’s guilty pleasure, Emily in Paris, to Apple TV’s Ted Lasso, there is truly something for everyone to enjoy. In this era of premium at-home streaming, now is the perfect moment to upgrade to a new TV – one that can bring out the lights of Paris, feel the energy of an exciting football game, or sense the tension of an ensemble drama.

When it comes to shopping for the perfect TV streaming companion, there’s more to consider than the size of the screen or how many pixels it comes with. In order to feel engrossed in whatever is playing, the high quality of the picture is just as important as the colour expression. LG Electronics (LG) understands the need of having the best set-up for ultimate streaming experiences, and nothing brings more excitement than an LG Ultra Large TV.

Achieve Better Image Quality with LG OLED

LG’s Ultra OLED TV is the pinnacle of TV watching experiences. It’s the unrivalled picture quality on a massive scale that delivers an experience that can’t be found anywhere else. What makes OLED unlike any other TV is the self-lit pixels. There is a self-luminous display technology that offers consumers the ultimate viewing experience. Unlike LED TVs that are restricted by usual backlight technology, LG OLED TVs are capable of extreme realism and unique designs in any screening that is played on the TV.

Furthermore, consumers can enjoy it in the perfect black, rich colour, and the magnificence of self-lit pixels across a variety of models. The LG’s Ultra OLED TV comes in three various sizes, 77, 83 and 88-inch screens. That way consumers can experience OLED quality on a massive scale.

Next Level Experience with LG QNED          

Another great purchase from LG is the enormous LG LCD TV, the QNED.  The LG QNED Mini LED has approximately 30,000 Mini LEDs in order to create a bright, high-quality picture, at the same time the 2,500 unique dimming zones deliver stunning blacks with a reduced halo effect even in the darkest scenes. The resulting image looks so good that it makes it hard to stop watching. LG QNED Mini LED is the pinnacle of LCD TVs, it integrates Mini LED, Quantum Dot, and NanoCell technology. Consumers are able to enjoy all the content in enhanced 4K and 8K detail across a variety of models on epic 75 and 86-inch screen sizes.

More Streaming Options than Ever

Recently, LG and Apple TV partnered to give owners around the world must see Apple Originals content for three months.  LG Smart TV owners will be able to enjoy Apple TV+ free for their first three months.  The promotion applies to all compatible 2016-2021, 8K and 4K LG Smart TV models and is available to LG TV owners who sign-up for the Apple TV+ promotion by February 13, 2022.  The offer is redeemable by simply following the on-screen instructions in the LG Content Store or by clicking the Apple TV+ advertisement banner on the LG TV home menu. 

To deliver maximum enjoyment of Apple TV+ programming, LG Smart TVs are equipped with best-in-class picture and sound technologies. LG TVs support Dolby Vision IQ and Dolby Atmos sound to ensure the most immersive visual and audio experience when streaming the many Apple TV+ titles mastered with Dolby’s cutting-edge technologies. 

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