June 18, 2024

Samsung’s Bespoke Refrigerator: Design the Appliance that Complements your Lifestyle

 Samsung’s Bespoke Refrigerator: Design the Appliance that Complements your Lifestyle

Designed to allow consumers to match their taste freely, from the fridge’s color to the material and desired modules – Samsung Bespoke refrigerator represents a step up in the brand’s commitment to shape products that truly cater to consumers’ evolving lifestyles.

Samsung’s exceptional range is creating one-of-kind living spaces as customers rush to begin their own unique journey of designing. The Bespoke refrigerator speaks for itself, it places lifestyle into the personal and invites consumers to experience uniqueness. Since launching, Samsung is positively breaking the barriers of conventional appliances and attracting consumer interest with continuous online and retail engagement. Follow along as we take a closer look at what makes the Bespoke refrigerator unique, and the impact it has had on the market.

Traditionally, home appliances have followed a distinctly recognizable “one-size-fits-all” design. This is where Bespoke comes in. Gone are the days of the conventional white goods machines. The new Samsung fridge applied the growing demand for enriched consumer experiences, tailored design, and distinctly abled products that improve quality of life and well-being. In the Middle East and North Africa (MENA), the home appliances market is projected to reach USD 8.4 billion in 2023 – USD 1.2 billion higher than in 2020[1]. This year alone, the UAE segment is also expected to reach USD 349 million, with an annual compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 14.84% amounting to USD 607 million by 2025[2]. Customizable appliances are a key factor behind these projections with Samsung’s new bespoke refrigerator line-up, single customers with a passion for arts and color experimentation can build their very own refrigerator the way they want to enhance their home décor and complement their own dynamic lifestyles. Meanwhile, couples that cook together regularly can make the most of their kitchen’s capabilities by adding more or less refrigerator space according to their needs, while families never need to worry about running out of space either, thanks to the modularity provided through these innovations.

Changeable color panels, adjustable functions, modular systems – the three main reasons why the bespoke refrigerators range provides the empowerment necessary for consumers to express their own style and build their kitchen interior the way they envisage. Introduced under the ‘Designed for you, by you’ campaign, countless Samsung enthusiasts with a passion for home appliances have embraced their newfound ability to create a unique cooling storage solution suited to the needs and requirements of each individual kitchen space. What’s more, consumers can select a multitude of attractive color options that complement lifestyles and add the finishing touches to the refrigerator and its surroundings.

Bespoke is truly changing trends, adding creativity and diversity to traditional color palettes. The French Door and 2-Door BMF are available in Glam Peach, Glam navy, or Glam white. Alternatively, the 1-Door Fridge 1-Door Freezer can be selected in Satin sky blue or Satin grey. As consumers embark on their smart lifestyle journey, Bespoke will lie by their side, just a few steps away.

Customers who purchase the Bespoke Refrigerator through Samsung.com or Samsung retails shops will receive two year additional warranty. Those who purchase the refrigerator from Samsung brand shops will receive free panels, for a limited time only. 

For more information, please visit www.samsung.com

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