June 22, 2024

Samsung’s all-new portable screen and entertainment device “The Freestyle” now available for pre-order across the UAE

 Samsung’s all-new portable screen and entertainment device “The Freestyle” now available for pre-order across the UAE

The Freestyle provides content How You Want It, When You Want It, Where You Want It.

Dubai, UAE, February 14, 2022 : Get ready to use Samsung’s cutting-edge technology to enjoy a new, convenient and flexible watching experience – The Freestyle, Samsung Electronics’ all-new portable screen and entertainment device, is available for pre-orders from February 14th till February 28th across the UAE.

Samsung Electronics’ all-new portable, smart projector has been designed to match the versatile lifestyle of today’s users by allowing them to embrace their interests and passions with flexibility. The Freestyle, which is highly portable, can be adjusted to be used at any angle, so that users can enjoy the best screen quality anywhere and in any way they desire.

Mustafa Sadick, Regional Director Head of Visual Display Group, Samsung Gulf Electronic said: “Consumers today are embracing a lifestyle that offers flexibility in terms of work and play. The Freestyle is a one-of-a-kind projector geared towards versatility to meet the consumers’ changing lifestyles. The Freestyle is a fun and versatile device that can be used in any way consumers prefer – offering them an opportunity to showcase their individuality.”

The Freestyle versatility is embodied by its form factor, design and innovative features. It weighs in at just 830 grams, is portable enough to carry in one hand, and has the ability to rotate 180 degrees, enabling users to show high-quality video anywhere – tables, floors, walls or even ceilings – no separate screen required.

For an ideal watching experience in any conditions, The Freestyle features an auto keystone and auto leveling functions that display a 16:9-ratio screen, up to 100 inches in size, anywhere without distortion. The projector automatically focuses to ensure a clear screen, and retains its level to prevent any inconveniences in viewing. This function helps users display the screen from all kinds of different positions.

The Freestyle also offers Smart TV features that are available on Samsung Smart TVs, with built-in streaming services and mirroring and casting features that are compatible with both Android and iOS mobile devices. The Freestyle is the industry’s first portable projector that is certified by global major OTT partners, providing customers with the best content viewing experience.

To embrace any lifestyle of any user, including those who are always on the go, The Freestyle is compatible with external batteries1 that support USB-PD and 50W/20V output or above. This allows users to take it with them anywhere – whether they are on the move, on a camping trip, or otherwise out and about.

When it’s not used as a projector to stream content, or for those who are looking to relax, The Freestyle also provides mood lighting effect thanks to its ambient mode and translucent lens cap.

When designing The Freestyle, Samsung aspired to create a device that let users view what they want, when they want, wherever they want.

The Freestyle is priced at AED 3499, and will be available for pre-order through Samsung’s brand shops as well as major retailers in the UAE and Samsung.com.

For more information, please visit samsung.com/ae (https://www.samsung.com/ae/projectors/the-freestyle/the-freestyle-sp-lsp3blaxzn/)