May 27, 2024

Renault Dokker – Style and space in one

 Renault Dokker – Style and space in one

The Renault Dokker is a functional commercial vehicle with dynamic performance, generous space, and practical features, and is a class-apart van that exemplifies a perfect blend of practicality and style, without compromising on its automotive performance.

Looking the part

The Renault Dokker is more than just a van; it is a multi-purpose vehicle, with a utilitarian approach to design and ample space, crafted to cater to your business and fleet needs, with a high beltline, bodyside moulding, and protected headlights giving it an assertive and powerful look.

Offering more than first meets the eye

One of the most useful features of the Dokker is its generous space. With a wide loading space and thoughtfully designed interiors, the Renault Dokker adapts to your needs, no matter the condition of purpose. 

How well does it operate?

No matter the nature of your business or the need for you to drive a van, the Renault Dokker is ideal for seamless loading and unloading, and its usable length gives you the power to personalize your loading capacity. With 750 kg of usable cargo capacity, it is designed to be sturdy and reliable, as it is equipped with all the necessary features to adapt to all circumstances.

Safety is key

Deliveries across Dubai’s main highways, such as Sheikh Zayed Road, are a daily commute for movers and fleets. If you find yourself needing to constantly navigate the lanes, you can do so peacefully with the speed limiter tool that will help you keep track of your speed.

Couple that with an advanced anti-lock braking system, which ensures your car is on the course and safe as the system prevents the wheels from locking during sudden braking. The van has also got some praiseworthy control over the conditions of the road – electronic stability control. Even in the riskiest times, the van lets you keep control!

So why (not) Dokker?

From comfort and layout to storage and safety, Renault Dokker is crafted to tend to all your needs and adapt to them. It is a complete package – extremely functional with sizeable useable cargo space, features that make work easy, and looks with a true Renault charm – it’s got everything you’d wish for in a van!

In nutshell, the new Renault Dokker is an ideal partner in business & progress. For more information about the Renault Dokker Van, visit your nearest Renault of Arabian Automobiles showroom.