April 19, 2024

Ras Al Khaimah Art Outdoor Exhibition continues until the end March

 Ras Al Khaimah Art Outdoor Exhibition continues until the end March
  • Running until the end of March, the outdoor art exhibition is located at the picturesque Al Hamra Heritage Village and features work from more than 100 local and international artists from over 35 different nationalities.
  • The exhibition is open to the public from Tuesday to Sunday from 9:00 am – 6:00 pm and runs until March 31st.

Ras Al Khaimah, 19 March 2024

Ras Al Khaimah Art, the year-long cultural initiative nurturing existing and emerging talent, has announced its open-air exhibition at the picturesque Al Jazeera Al Hamra Heritage Village. Running until the end of March, the exhibition promises to captivate visitors with a stunning showcase of local and international artistic talent against the backdrop of the village’s rich cultural heritage.

Nestled amidst the charm of Ras Al Khaimah’s historic Al Jazeera Al Hamra Heritage Village, the exhibition features a diverse range of art forms, highlighting the dynamic creativity of artists from across the region and beyond. From vibrant paintings to intricate sculptures, each piece tells a story and invites viewers to experience the world through the artist’s eyes.

The exhibition includes work from Ras Al Khaimah Art’s Artist in Residence –  Chilian-born Indira Urrutia. An interdisciplinary artist and co-founder of several educational initiatives, Indira will display her intriguing three-dimensional ‘tejer’ art. Made using methods of weaving, knitting, and crochet, Indira works with materials as diverse as copper wire, bronze, copper-plated silver, wool and plastic to create her structures.

Using weaving as her storytelling medium, Indira’s art channels the cultural and narrative aspects of the traditional craft through varying techniques. Having studied with Abuela Cristina, the last woman of the Yagan tribe in Southern Chile and travelled across America to research the diverse weaving style and techniques, Indira’s works represent life’s interconnections and a sense of being ‘bound together’, in ways which may be overlooked in everyday life. Talking about her work, Indira Urrutia said: “My mission is to reclaim the human and social value inherent in “tejer” to weave the past into the present and towards a future that honors the magic and beauty of interconnected-ness.”

Additional highlights include photography and artworks from Emirati artists including Faisal Alrais, Salem Al Sawafi , Aleyah Almansoori, Elyazia Alfalasi, Mohammed Saeed Alshehhi and Nuwair Al Hajeri.

Visitors are encouraged to explore the exhibition at their leisure, with Ramadan March opening hours from 9:00 am – 6:00 pm every Tuesday to Sunday (site closed on Mondays).

For full details and timings for Ras Al Khaimah Art 2024 Festival and to stay up to date with the latest events, visit https://www.rakart.ae.