July 22, 2024

Pre-Construction Technology Redefined with the Launch of Immersive Augmented Reality Services

 Pre-Construction Technology Redefined with the Launch of Immersive Augmented Reality Services

Lifesize Plans enables customers to connect the real world with the extended reality.

A first of its kind concept in the UAE that recently made its mark in Dubai, Australian-based company Lifesize Plans has now introduced its own augmented reality services, providing an immersive and interactive experience for clients that transcends traditional design presentations. 

Owning the world’s first patented, real-scale walkthrough technology, Lifesize Plans facilitates the visualization of architectural and construction projects by enlarging floorplans for residential, commercial, and industrial properties at a real-life 1:1 scale, allowing clients to walkthrough their building project and make real time changes before construction begins to mitigate any risks and unnecessary costs. 

Introducing three distinctive Augmented Reality options such as the White Wireframes, Texture Wireframes and Photorealistic Virtual Experiences, Lifesize Plans allows individuals to step into the future of their projects and envision the finer details with cutting-edge technology.

White Wireframes are colourless virtual experiences that provide a tangible sense of size, scale and design connections. Taking it one step further are the Texture Wireframes, bringing basic coloured virtual experiences, ideal for those who crave a more visual experience. It allows clients to assess size, scale and design connections but also visualize how their chosen finishes will appear in the final space. Those seeking the most realistic visualization of their dream project can explore the Photorealistic Virtual Experiences to experience a true-to-life preview of the finished space. It is a valuable experience for those looking to sell off-plan or unbuilt properties.

The integration of augmented reality at Lifesize Plans marks a significant leap in the realm of interior design, architectural and construction visualization technologies. Offering three augmented reality services, Lifesize Plans has a tailored solution for every project and enables clients to make informed decisions and bring their visions to life with clarity.

Pricing for the augmented reality services can vary depending on the plans’ size, starting from AED 2000 for White Wireframes, AED 5000 for Texture Wireframes and AED 15,000 for Photorealistic Virtual Experiences.

For more information, please visit https://www.lifesizeplans.com/locations/dubai