June 18, 2024

Play Cupid for the day with a Meridian Grooming eGift card for Men this Valentine

 Play Cupid for the day with a Meridian Grooming eGift card for Men this Valentine

UAE: 12th February: Globally renowned men’s grooming and personal care brand, Meridian offers a great selection of grooming products for body hair removal and hygiene below the neck. Shop Meridian Digital Gift Cards online for that special husband, boyfriend, or best friend and all men can choose the perfect Valentine gift for themselves on Meridian’s website.

Meridian’s premium, innovative body hair Trimmer featuring high-end design offers a smooth gliding experience to maneuver around bodily contours with no nicks or snags. With low vibration for comfort, The Trimmer’s waterproof and ergonomic grip feature is designed to ensure easier handling even when wet, for bettercontrol during use, in or out of the shower, or even on dry skin.

Meridian’s Trimmer is different from other electric trimmers on the market because it is primarily a full-body grooming tool, not just another piece of electronics. The Trimmer is easier to use and looks better on a man’s bathroom shelf compared to other brands men may have seen in the past.

Meridian’s Trimmer is high-powered, rechargeable, and available in two colors—Onyx and Sage. It includes two adjustable guide combs (3-6mm, 9-12mm) for personalization and its accessories include a cleaning brush, USB charger, charging light indicators, and 90 minutes of trimming time on a full charge. Its reliable, rust-proof, and replaceable ceramic blades enable smoother trimming for optimal performance and hygiene. The Trimmer’s precision blades are designed for a seamless fit that allows men to trim their body hair without cutting, tugging, or irritating the skin.

Justine Stefanou, Brand Director forMeridian said, “Meridian is the essential foundation of any men’s grooming routine. The Trimmer is Meridian’s current high-quality, easy-to-use hero product that avoids ingrown hairs and razor burns which is why it is a recommended alternative to shaving. It’s one of the best go-to gifts for men in the Middle East for Valentine’s Day.”

Meridian’s classic bundles all include the waterproof Trimmer paired with an array of self-care products to help men save money on a full grooming routine. The Starter Package includes a Replacement Blade, The Complete package includes The Spray, and The Maintenance Package includes The Spray and Two Replacement Blades.

Stefanou added, “Meridian products improve men’s wellbeing, grooming, and hygiene.Our versatile products combine high-end technology with a sleek design for more comfortable hair removal that makes you feel more confidence in your body. Bundles offer full self-care experiences in the comfort of your own home. eGift cards are the best way to help your man shop for quality goods for himself.”

It’s the perfect gift that showcases modesty, luxury, and romance. This Valentine’s, surprise that special someone the eGift card for a full grooming experience from Meridian.

For more information on Meridian’s products, please visit meridiangrooming.com