June 18, 2024

Nixu’s CEO will change

 Nixu’s CEO will change

The Nixu Board of Directors and CEO Petri Kairinen have agreed together that Nixu’s CEO will change for the next growth phase. Kairinen has resigned today to join another company. Nixu’s Board of Directors has already started last year the search for a successor in order to appoint a new CEO for Nixu.

Petri Kairinen has been Nixu’s CEO since 2014. He will continue as Nixu’s CEO for the time being and will be available to serve Nixu until June 2022.

“On behalf of Nixu’s Board of Directors, personnel, shareholders and clients, we would like to thank Petri for his contribution to the company’s development. His work, first as Sales Director and then as CEO, has played a major role in Nixu’s growth journey to become the largest cybersecurity service company in Northern Europe. With his leadership, we have been able to provide the best place to work for cybersecurity professionals and ensure that our client executives have slept well. The next phase in Nixu’s long history will soon begin, and it will be led by a new CEO,” says Kimmo Rasila, Chair of Nixu’s Board of Directors.

“Nixu’s growth story has been an amazing journey. Over the past year, we have made a major change in the operating model to enable cross-border activities, the fruits of which can be enjoyed during the strategy period that began. Now is a natural time to seek fresh thinking both for myself and for the company’s management for the next phase of growth. I would like to thank all Nixu employees, the Board of Directors, shareowners and our clients and partners for their trust over the past years. Nixu will continue its work to secure the digital society,” says Petri Kairinen.