May 20, 2024

New Book “Dare to Dream” by veteran editor Raed Barqawi launched at the 2022 Emirates Airline Festival of Literature

 New Book “Dare to Dream” by veteran editor Raed Barqawi launched at the 2022 Emirates Airline Festival of Literature

Book offers insights into how His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid’s exceptional mind and unique approach turned his ambitious Dubai dream into reality.

Dubai, 06 Feb 2022: A new book about His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice President and Prime Minister of the UAE and Ruler of Dubai, was launched at the Emirates Airline Festival of Literature. The book titled Dare to Dream: How Mohammed bin Rashid Made His Dream Come True, written by veteran journalist Raed Barqawi, Executive Editor-in-Chief of Al Khaleej newspaper, was unveiled in the presence of His Highness Sheikh Ahmed bin Saeed Al Maktoum, Chairman and Chief Executive, Emirates Airline and Group.

Published by Motivate Media Group, the book highlights how the vision and leadership of His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid turned Dubai into a success story, a leading global hub for talent, and a place where they can find resources and opportunities to fulfil their dreams.

Mr. Barqawi is a renowned journalist for over three decades and has enjoyed a front-row seat witnissing Sheikh Mohammed’s dream turn into reality. He said: “I have tried to address two key questions in my book: one, just how did Mohammed bin Rashid do the impossible and turn Dubai into a unique global role model? And two, how did His Highness manage to empower a culture of dreaming in the Arab world, a world that had stopped dreaming decades ago?”

He added: “It is fascinating to be around a personality like His Highness, who has been racing against time to improve the present and future of not just Emiratis but all Arabs. His persistence and ambition pushed me to dig deeper into the history of the UAE over the past 50 years and shed light on how dreams can be achieved in the race to be counted among the top 10 nations in the world. With assertiveness and will, His Highness decided to dream for his country and his people, and today we are reaping the rewards of these dreams.”

Mr. Barqawi held a book signing session which was attended by several officials and media persons. He said, “I would like to extend my gratitude and appreciation to my publisher and all those who helped in making this book see the light of day.”

Ian Fairservice, Managing Partner and Group Editor-in-Chief of Motivate Media Group, commented: “We are proud to have published this phenomenal book about His Highness. This book talks about the wisdom and foresight of HH Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid and the impressive development of the UAE. Raed is one of the most distinguished voices in journalism and this will be a fascinating read for anyone who has marvelled at the incredible growth story of the Emirate of Dubai and the UAE.”

In this book, Mr. Barqawi dives into the history of the UAE and takes the reader on a journey to the past, to His Highness’s childhood and youth to analyse the factors that helped shape his personality. The master storyteller then transports the reader to the present to demonstrate the impact of those very factors in Dubai’s success, which have made it the cynosure of the world. Based on his privileged position as a journalist closely tracking the rise of Dubai, Mr. Barqawi also offers his take on the future of the Emirate and its unpredictable and unprecedented pace of growth. “I don’t know when I wake up what this nation would have achieved,” he says.

The book examines His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid as a philosopher who transformed fiction into reality, be it economically, socially, administratively and as a leader. The book is divided into three chapters: “Working Wonders”, “A Man Destined to Lead” and “The Oasis of Imagination”, and includes an introduction “The Wind Beneath His Wings” and an epilogue “Life is a Story of Our Dreams”.

It is worth noting that Mr. Barwaqi’s royalties from the book’s sales are being donated to Al Noor Training Centre for Persons with Disabilities.