Mondoir Gallery Brings New Era of Art to the UAE

 Mondoir Gallery Brings New Era of Art to the UAE

Visual arts venue bridging the gap between traditional and digital art.

Dubai, UAE March

The Mondoir Gallery, founded by Amir “Mondoir” Soleymani, has officially opened in Downtown Dubai, marking a new era of art in the UAE. The first NFT gallery of its kind in the region, Mondoir Gallery aims to bring new and innovative forms of digital art to the masses. Amir is a well-known and respected collector, gallerist, and art advocate, and one of the first NFT art supporters in the MENA region and internationally. Amir was selected as one of the 100 community leaders in the NFT space by NFTNow in their 2022 inaugural edition of the NFT100, and as a forerunner of the digital art space, he has played an indisputable role in nurturing and raising the NFT space to its present level of prominence.

Speaking about the gallery’s opening, Amir said, “I’m super excited to begin this new chapter of Mondoir Gallery, our first gallery in Dubai. We are beginning our journey in Dubai by exhibiting physical drawings and paintings by the world-renowned artist @fewocious. “

Mondoir Gallery’s mission is to provide artwork by local and international artists from private collections, international talents, and global exhibitions. Amir has collected a large physical art collection from historical figures of all ages, as well as an impressive collection of NFTs and digital collectibles. The Mondoir team is looking for the best industry talent to bring new and exciting pieces and collections to the UAE. In addition, the gallery will soon begin looking for local artists to collaborate with in order to educate and empower aspiring artists of all ages in this new genre. Some of Mondoir’s most prized NFT assets include the genesis pieces of Time, Forbes, and Life and many more pieces from industry-defining collections, including Blake Kathryn/Paris Hilton, Manchester City, and Adidas/Prada, as well as works by respected artists such as Victor Langlois, aka “FEWCiOUS’, Ryan Wilson, aka “ThankYouX,” DeeKay Kwon, and Cory Van Lew.

Dubai is rapidly emerging as a global leader in technologies such as NFT, metaverse, and blockchain. The city is committed to building an ecosystem that supports and fosters innovation in the digital art scene, as highlighted through recent government-backed initiatives like the ‘DIFC Metaverse Platform’ and the ‘Dubai Metaverse Strategy’. The Dubai Higher Committee for Future Technology and Digital Economy wants to bring in technology innovators from all over the world. These projects will help them do that.

The Dubai Metaverse Strategy, in particular, is an ambitious plan that aims to add $4 billion to Dubai’s GDP and support 40,000 virtual jobs by 2030. The strategy also aims to bring 1,000 blockchain and metaverse technology companies to Dubai. Additionally, the recently launched Dubai Economic Agenda (D33) has set an objective to generate economic value worth AED 100 billion from digital transformation annually. These projects show how committed Dubai is to new ideas and how willing it is to invest in the technology of the future. Dubai is truly becoming a hub for NFT, metaverse, and blockchain technologies, and it will be exciting to see what the future holds for this rapidly growing ecosystem.

Mondoir Gallery’s opening in Dubai is set to make a significant contribution to the growth of the NFT art industry in the region. Mondoir Gallery is well-positioned to become a major player in the field as the global NFT market continues to grow and “phygital” art becomes more popular.