May 25, 2024

Medica Announces its Participation as A Platinum Sponsor for the 7th Edition of EPSC (Emirates Plastic Surgery Congress)

 Medica Announces its Participation as A Platinum Sponsor for the 7th Edition of EPSC (Emirates Plastic Surgery Congress)
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Medica, the leading distributor in the medical aesthetic field has just announced its participation as a platinum sponsor for the 7th Edition of (EPSC) Emirates Plastic Surgery Congress. The congress will take place at the Conrad Hotel, Dubai between 20th – 22nd January and it is targeted towards, plastic surgeons and doctors in the dermatology field in addition to the aesthetic clinics. EPSC provides an opportunity for healthcare providers and professionals to meet and discuss the most significant issues related to improving the work practices within the plastic surgery profession and further enhancing health awareness among the public.

Medica’s participation in the congress will serve as a significant connection with other healthcare professionals and demonstrate its continued support for its own brands and doctors in the field.

In addition to being a sponsor for the congress, Medica will be displaying its 360 solutions of Medico-Aesthetics products while focusing on four of its key brands directly related to the plastic surgery practice. Medica will be showcasing the latest in ground-breaking and cutting-edge solutions to meet the increasingly sophisticated demands of professionals.

Motiva Implants The revolutionary brand with more than 30 years of advanced breast implant manufacturing experience in the market. Motiva offers quality breast implants with a comprehensive selection that allows plastic surgeons to choose the ideal implant for each patient according to their needs.

PAL Liposuction This innovative machine is the only us-patented liposuction instrument that uses a reciprocating motion (rather than rotating) to facilitate the movement of the cannula, gliding through fibrous tissue more easily. This results in less bruising, bleeding and accelerates the liposuction procedure.

Restylane Fillers These innovative Hyaluronic acid fillers are used to add volume to the skin to correct moderate to sever wrinkle folds. It can also be used for the lips to enhance and add volume.

Sculptura Fillers This is an injectable biostimulator, that gradually induces collagen neogenesis through a controlled inflammatory response for firmer, fuller skin. Sculptra’s effects develop gradually due to the time needed for the body to stimulate collagen production. Sculptra renews the skin by improving the appearance of wrinkles up to at least 25 months after the last treatment.

“At Medica, we are continuously thriving to be the first choice of regional aesthetic practitioners providing cutting-edge Medico Aesthetic solutions, unparalleled service, and holistic regional marketing and sales initiatives. Medica believes in the strategic partnership with EPSC and its leading contribution to the industry in addition to the advanced levels of Education and Scientific support it offers to the plastic surgeons in the UAE, the region and the world.  This year, and despite the challenges, we are very excited to join hands again in the 7th edition and we’re sure about the success it will achieve”- Said Ghayath Sioufi, CMO of Medica Group.

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