June 18, 2024

KPJ Partners with Tourism Selangor and Almurshidi Medical Tourism to Boost Medical Tourism and “Visit Selangor 2025”

 KPJ Partners with Tourism Selangor and Almurshidi Medical Tourism to Boost Medical Tourism and “Visit Selangor 2025”

Dubai – UAE

KPJ Healthcare Berhad (“KPJ Healthcare” or the “Group”) is proud to announce two significant collaborations aimed at enhancing medical tourism and promoting healthcare services in Selangor, Malaysia. The partnerships were unveiled during the prestigious Arabian Travel Market held at the Dubai World Trade Centre.

In alignment with the objectives of Visit Selangor Year 2025 (“VSY 2025”), KPJ Healthcare Berhad has joined forces with Tourism Selangor to spotlight Selangor’s attractions while showcasing the state’s healthcare facilities. Through this collaboration, KPJ will leverage its marketing channels to promote Selangor as a preferred destination for medical tourism. The partnership includes organising familiarisation trips and technical visits to explore Selangor’s iconic and hidden gems alongside its renowned healthcare institutions.

Additionally, KPJ Healthcare Berhad has appointed Almurshidi Medical Tourism as its strategic partner to extend its reach into the Middle East market. Almurshidi Medical Tourism, a prominent facilitator in the Middle East’s medical tourism sector, will advocate for KPJ’s services among government agencies and citizens, fostering awareness and accessibility to healthcare services in Malaysia. This collaboration signifies KPJ’s commitment to enhancing its global presence and positioning Malaysia as a premier medical tourism destination.

The memorandum of collaboration (“MoC”) signing ceremony was attended by key representatives from KPJ Healthcare, Tourism Selangor and Almurshidi Medical Tourism, including Farah Delah Suhaimi, Health Tourism of KPJ Healthcare; Azrul Shah Bin Mohamad, Chief Executive Officer of Tourism Selangor; and Hamdan Almurshidi, President of Almurshidi Medical Tourism.

Chin Keat Chyuan

Commenting on the collaborations, Chin Keat Chyuan, President and Managing Director of KPJ Healthcare Berhad, expressed enthusiasm about the partnerships’ potential to drive growth in medical tourism. “Through our strategic collaborations with Tourism Selangor and Almurshidi Medical Tourism, KPJ Healthcare is poised to enhance healthcare accessibility and promote wellness tourism at our hospitals. These partnerships aim to leverage our combined strengths to not only elevate our Care for Life, patient-centric healthcare experience that we offer to our patients, but also to position Malaysia as a top destination for holistic wellness and medical tourism. We are excited to extend our reach and enrich lives across borders.”

Azrul Shah Bin Mohamad

Azrul Shah Bin Mohamad, CEO of Tourism Selangor, emphasised the strategic importance of the collaboration in advancing Selangor’s tourism objectives. “We are excited to partner with KPJ Healthcare Berhad to showcase Selangor’s diverse attractions and robust healthcare infrastructure. Through joint initiatives and promotional activities, we aim to attract more visitors to Selangor while positioning the state as a leading destination for medical tourism.”

Hamdan Almurshidi

Commenting on the partnership, Dr. Hamdan Almurshidi, President of Almurshidi Medical Tourism, said: “We are excited to announce our exclusive partnership with KPJ Healthcare, a top specialist hospital in Malaysia renowned for its comprehensive care across a variety of specialties. This collaboration offers a unique opportunity to work closely with KPJ Healthcare to enhance services for our Arab clients and extend their reach in the GCC market. We believe this partnership will deepen ties between Malaysia and the Arab world, positioning Malaysia not only as a premier tourist destination but also as a leading hub for health and wellness.”

This partnership underscores KPJ Healthcare Berhad’s commitment to providing world-class healthcare services while contributing to the growth of medical tourism in Malaysia. Through collaborations with Tourism Selangor and Almurshidi Medical Tourism, KPJ aims to attract more international visitors seeking quality healthcare services while exploring the vibrant offerings of Selangor.