May 24, 2024

Kinnos crowned winner of Arab Health Innov8 competition

 Kinnos crowned winner of Arab Health Innov8 competition

The popular start-up competition featured 24 companies in various stages of maturity, with each showcasing unique and innovative solutions in prevention, management, operations, and diagnostics in the healthcare industry

Dubai, United Arab Emirates, 27 January 2022: Kinnos, an infection prevention company pioneering colourised disinfection, has won this years’ Arab Health Innov8 competition, following an intensive week-long judging process that saw a total of 24 different companies pitch over the opening three days of Arab Health, culminating in today’s grand finale.

Finalists included UniExo Rehab from Ukraine, who have developed a wearable modular robotic exoskeleton device that helps improve rehab for all limbs; Healthcare X.0 GmbH, a German-based company that has developed a unique software program to package patient data into a digital patient file with a focus on the fight against cancer, and winner, New York-based Kinnos.

Kinnos’ patented Highlight technology standardises disinfection techniques and leads to better metrics. Highlight is the only product on the market designed to provide real-time visual feedback during manual disinfection so that quality is maintained every single time a disinfectant is used.

Jason Kang, CEO, Kinnos, said:Effective infection prevention requires not just the disinfectant, but also technique in how those disinfectants are used. Yet the status quo makes it virtually impossible to ensure thorough disinfection as it’s currently an invisible process – with transparent disinfectants, you can’t see what you’ve missed. We’re making that easier in a way that transcends language barriers.

“Moving forward, consumers are expecting enhanced disinfection measures; Highlight is a very intuitive, tangible and visible way for businesses and organisations to show their commitment to safety and provide that better patient experience.”

Highlight works by colouring the liquid bleach and disinfecting wipes that hospitals depend on to clean surfaces, letting users visualise disinfection coverage instantly. The colour lends visibility, reinforces training, and fades to remind users that their disinfectant is still working. In more than one critical healthcare situation, it prevented the use of incorrectly mixed or expired bleach products since its colour fades only if healthcare-strength bleach is utilised.

The judging panel included a renowned number of investors, entrepreneurs and medical experts; among them were Andreea Danila, Founder & General Partner, Global Millennial Capital; Sajjad Kamal, Partner – Healthtech, Global Ventures; and Dirk Richter, Director Health Sector Innovation, Department of Health, Abu Dhabi.

As the winner, Kinnos will receive a complimentary exhibition stand space at Arab Health 2023 and a three-month mentorship programme by Andreea Danila, award-winning entrepreneur and venture capitalist.

Ross Williams, Exhibition Director for Informa Markets, said: “We’d like to congratulate the innovative team behind Kinnos; they have delivered an outstanding product that will undoubtedly support the healthcare industry moving forward, and particularly against the challenges of COVID-19. This is another prime example of the healthcare industry coming together and developing cutting-edge technology to solve a potentially substantial health problem.”

Arab Health and Medlab Middle East conclude today, Thursday 27 January, at 5pm.