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Introducing Corte: A Revolutionary Sandwich Concept by Texas de Brazil, Now Available for Delivery in the UAE

 Introducing Corte: A Revolutionary Sandwich Concept by Texas de Brazil, Now Available for Delivery in the UAE

Dubai, United Arab Emirates, 19 September 2023

Texas de Brazil, the internationally acclaimed churrascaria brand known for its exceptional dining experience, is thrilled to introduce its latest culinary venture: Corte – a groundbreaking sandwich & bowl concept that has officially launched for delivery in Dubai and Abu Dhabi
Corte: Redefining Sandwiches with Flavor and Excellence

Corte, the brainchild of Texas de Brazil’s culinary innovation team, takes the art of sandwich making to new heights. Combining the world-renowned culinary expertise of Texas de Brazil with the convenience of delivery, Corte offers a meticulously crafted menu that showcases flavors, textures, and quality ingredients, all expertly curated to satisfy the UAE’s discerning palates.
Elevated Sandwich Offerings

At Corte, sandwiches are not merely meals; they’re gourmet experiences. The menu boasts an array of carefully crafted sandwich and bowl options, each an ensemble of delectable flavors. From tender steak cuts to marinated chicken or shrimps, and from fresh vegetables, smoked cheese to artisanal bread, every ingredient is selected with the utmost attention to detail.
Convenience Meets Excellence

Corte redefines convenience without compromising on quality. As part of Texas de Brazil’s commitment to delivering excellence, every Corte sandwich is prepared with the same dedication and precision that has made Texas de Brazil a globally recognized culinary institution. Customers can now enjoy these gourmet sandwiches from the comfort of their homes, without missing out on the world-class dining experience synonymous with the brand.
Available for Delivery Across the UAE

Residents across the United Arab Emirates can now savor the exquisite flavors of Corte by placing delivery orders through all aggregator platforms. Whether it’s a quick lunch, a satisfying dinner, or a gourmet treat to share with loved ones, Corte’s menu offers something for every occasion.
Experience Corte Today

Corte invites UAE residents to embark on a journey of sandwich innovation, where tradition meets modernity and every bite is a celebration of flavor. With the launch of Corte, Texas de Brazil extends its commitment to delivering exceptional culinary experiences that cater to the evolving tastes of its loyal patrons.
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