July 22, 2024

International Compliance Association offers professional certifications in Arabic to aid fight against financial crime in MENA

 International Compliance Association offers professional certifications in Arabic to aid fight against financial crime in MENA

The International Compliance Association (ICA) – the leading professional body for the global regulatory and financial crime compliance community and part of Wilmington plc – will now offer   anti money laundering and compliance courses in Arabic to help support the Middle East and North Africa region in its fight against financial crime.   

The development comes in response to feedback from regulators around the region seeking to raise the level of understanding in anti money laundering, counter terrorist financing and regulatory compliance amongst professionals working in the financial services industry.

ICA has operated in the Middle East and North Africa region for the last 14 years where it has worked with the public and private sector to raise the bar, upskill the local workforce and share best practices in governance, risk and compliance and financial crime prevention. By makings its certificates available in Arabic, ICA supports the drive for deeper knowledge and understanding and helps those who wish to get a start in the compliance sector.

The ICA Certificate in Anti Money Laundering is suitable for anyone who needs to gain fundamental knowledge in anti money laundering. Also available in Arabic is the ICA Certificate in Compliance which provides a solid understanding of core regulatory compliance issues. The course format is self-led online learning but it can also be delivered as in-house training for firms who wish to train multiple employees. Firms also have the option to receive a virtual classroom that can be customised to their policies and procedures.

Helen Langton, ICA’s CEO for Asia Pacific and Middle East, commented: ‘ICA remains more committed than ever to working with government leaders, and regulated firms in the region to break barriers and upskill professionals with the knowledge and skills they need to combat financial crime threats and manage risk more effectively at their firm.’

She added: ‘We commend the strong leadership and commitment by governments in the region to stop heinous crimes such as money laundering, terrorist financing and human trafficking and are pleased to be offering our globally recognised certificate to Arabic speaking professionals in all of the MENA region to aid their fights against financial crime. Undertaking our accredited qualification will not only help professionals gain a solid understanding of these core threats, but will also act as a steppingstone for learners to embark on other ICA courses.’

ICA’s suite of accredited qualifications are awarded in association with Manchester Business School, The University of Manchester, and have been undertaken by over 160,000 professionals globally since 2001.

To view our full list of qualifications, visit: https://www.int-comp.org/course-finder/