May 23, 2024

India needs to transform from knowledge-based to enquiry-based learning: Sabeer Bhatia

 India needs to transform from knowledge-based to enquiry-based learning: Sabeer Bhatia

Hotmail co-founder, Mr Bhatia gives recommendations to improve the Indian education system at EXPO2020 Dubai

December 16, 2021, DUBAI: “Indian education system requires a paradigm shift from knowledge-based learning to enquiry-based learning to solve complex problems,” said Mr. Sabeer Bhatia, co-founder, Hotmail today during a session titled ‘India’s Strength in Education: Engineering’ at the India Pavilion in EXPO2020 Dubai.

Highlighting the way forward for the Indian education system, he further added that the system should identify creative thinkers and nurture them to create the companies of tomorrow. Mr Bhatia also emphasised the importance of educators that are closely linked with the industry as it helps develop real-time problem-solving skills.

The virtual session was part of the ongoing ‘Knowledge and Learning Week’ at the India Pavilion.

Speaking about the progress in education system, Mr Bhatia said that India is on the right track. “It is evident from the fact that many young problem solvers are starting their own companies to offer innovative solutions and are working towards the greater good of the world,” he added.

Elaborating on the changing landscape in technology, he said, “As a field, technology is constantly evolving, and the amount of data generated by the web is growing exponentially, thus giving rise to cloud-based technologies. Almost 5 billion people use the internet globally and the widespread use of mobile devices has further amplified the need for new and disruptive solutions.”

“Video is going to be the dominant form of content consumption for the younger generation. Artificial Intelligence (AI) driven video interactions will replace chatbots and transform the landscape in future with applications in various fields like recruitment or mass surveys in multiple languages as it will save time and manpower in interviewing people across sectors”, Mr Bhatia added.

On the changing education landscape due to the widespread use of the internet and virtual learning, he said, “Education has already seen a shift towards digital learning due to the pandemic and is going to evolve in the years to come. We will see newer forms of education becoming commonplace because of the change in the way education is imparted.”

The session was chaired by Dr Sekar Vishwanathan, Vice President, Vellore Institute of Technology and Co-Chair, FICCI Higher Education Committee along with Dr. Vidya Yeravdekar, Chair, FICCI Higher Education Committee & Pro Chancellor, Symbiosis International University.