May 20, 2024

Ideanomics drives Middle East agenda on future of commercial electric mobility

 Ideanomics drives Middle East agenda on future of commercial electric mobility
  • Ideanomics’ stakeholders discuss strategy as e-mobility firm seeks to power up Middle East’s electric vehicle infrastructure
  • UAE-US JV aims to enable electric vehicle ecosystem in Middle East and Africa region.

Dubai – UAE. 26 January 2022: Global e-mobility group Ideanomics held its first-ever Middle East roadshow on Wednesday as the company brings together its stakeholders to discuss the future direction of commercial electric vehicle adoption in the region.

Ideanomics, a global company focused on sustainability through driving the adoption of e-mobility solutions and wireless charging technologies, hosted a roadshow at the Four Seasons Hotel, DIFC, in Dubai.

“The future of commercial mobility will be defined by sustainable, electric vehicles. There is significant potential to develop the commercial electric mobility market in the Middle East, where there is a demand to connect evolving cities and a shift from fossil fuel economies,” said Alf Poor, CEO at Ideanomics.

“We were delighted to bring together our valued investors to discuss the current and future strategy, alongside our partner in the Middle East and Africa, Admiral America Energy Inc.. Together with our partners and investors, we hope to shape the future of mobility in the region and contribute to more sustainable societies, in line with the ambitions of the countries in which we operate.”

During the event, stakeholders discuss the future Commercial Electric Vehicles and charging solutions with the Ideanomics WAVE high power inductive wireless charging.

WAVE delivers fast, safe, high-power charging within seconds of scheduled stops and natural dwell times. Medium- and heavy-duty electric vehicles gain substantial range and operation time without manual plug-in operations or mechanical contact. With power ranging from 125kW to 500kW and higher, WAVE’s high-power systems are ideal for powering electric vehicles for mass transit, warehouse and distribution centres, shuttle services, seaports, and more.

Admiral America Energy is a UAE centric Joint Venture between Emirati and US companies that aims to provide a comprehensive electric vehicles ecosystem for the Middle East and Africa region.

The Middle East and African electric vehicle market are expected to reach $84 million by 2026, up from $35 million in 2020. The UAE currently leads the way in terms of electric vehicle adoption with its charging station to vehicle ratio among the world’s highest. The UAE has around 300 grid-linked slow charging public stations, 80% of which are in Dubai, according to a whitepaper from the Clean Energy Business Council (CEBC).

Mr. Poor added: “There is much work to do to enhance the electric vehicle ecosystem and infrastructure in the Middle East. Ideanomics and its partners are well-positioned to bring together vehicles and charging technology and provide the completeness of solutions needed for the region’s commercial entities to commit to an EV future.”

For his part, William Joseph, Vice President of Admiral America Energy Inc said: “With the UAE hosting COP28 in 2023, the decarbonization agenda and associated technologies is the dominating theme for the majority of industries in the region. We look forward to enabling the enhanced sustainability of these industries through partnerships, such as our collaboration with Ideanomics.”