June 15, 2024

Hysek’s IO 41mm Chronograph represents the preferred choice for lovers of exceptional pieces

 Hysek’s IO 41mm Chronograph represents the preferred choice for lovers of exceptional pieces

Dubai, United Arab Emirates (May 30, 2024)

IO 41mm Chronograph perfectly represents the IO line classic approach that appeals to lovers of exceptional pieces from Hysek, the leading Swiss brand embodying the pinnacle of haute horology.

This year, Hysek is revisiting a new version of its Chronograph with an in-house movement. This new model is executed with remarkable dials offering perfect readability and confirming Hysek’s desire to satisfy a more demanding and knowledgeable clientele. It comes with 53 jewels, 42 hours of power reserve, 28,800 VpH frequency, variable inertia balance wheel and others.

Expression of a sober and contemporary style, IO iconic timepieces reveal extreme and subtle refinement through round, generous and feline curves in line with Hysek’s endeavour to create high-end timepieces with unique designs inspired by the brand’s robust and daring personality.

Hysek stands as a beacon of independence and creativity within the Swiss watchmaking landscape, seamlessly blending artistic design with technical ingenuity. Since its establishment, the brand has charted a distinctive course, earning acclaim for its avant-garde approach to horology.

A pivotal moment in Hysek’s illustrious journey occurred with the establishment of its Swiss manufacturer in 2007, marking a significant milestone that underscored the brand’s unwavering dedication to craftsmanship and excellence.

With an exclusive boutique nestled within the iconic Dubai Mall, Hysek enjoys international acclaim and a reputation for unparalleled luxury. Here, enthusiasts are invited to explore a curated selection of Hysek’s most prestigious collections, including Abyss, Kilada, Furtif, and IO.

For more information, please call +971-4-225-6513 or email Hysek@ibg-uae.com