May 23, 2024

Health Is My Wealth Program, Inspiring a Healthy Community

 Health Is My Wealth Program, Inspiring a Healthy Community

28 December 2021, Dubai, UAE: Health and wellbeing is not just a buzzword anymore, research showed that the UAE health landscape is adversely affected by what we eat and how we live, resulting in alarming health issues: being overweight, hypertensive, diabetic and obese. 

Dole, Al Ain Farms, Shield Me and Emirates Macaroni launched the Health Is My Wealth Program, a series of engaging community initiatives, dedicated to providing information, educating, intensifying awareness and encouraging kids, moms and families to make positive changes on their own health and food safety.

As a part of the program, the community actively participated in: nutrition, food safety talk, nutrition one to one counseling, reading food labels, learning about ground water and sustainability, healthy cooking classes in supermarkets, malls, public parks, schools and radio supported by the Dubai Municipality, Dubai Health Authority, Hey Chef, Yalla Market and Beat 97.8 FM.

“Eating healthy food helps children get the nutrients their bodies need to stay fit, active, and strong. At Emirates Macaroni, we believe that we need to encourage children at a very young age to embrace healthy habits that will make a lifetime difference”. Thanks to Health is My Wealth Program private sector partners and the support of Dubai Municipality and Dubai Health Authority, we were able to passionately demonstrate this for the young generation”, Mr. Ahmad Belyouha, Chairman, Emirates Macaroni Factory.

Mr. Alpaslan Uzmez, Vice President and General Manager (NAMETCAR), Dole Sunshine Company, said: “Our purpose is to champion an equitable world, where everyone irrespective of their age, income, location or gender has the right to nutrition from the goodness of the earth. Inspired by this purpose, we are extremely glad and honored to partner with Dubai Municipality and Dubai Health Authority for the Health Is My Wealth Program.  This initiative is crucial in providing access to a healthy lifestyle.  We hope the learnings are carried on from generation to generation, empowering the community through nutrition and wellness.”

“As a truly UAE consumer food brand, Al Ain Farms was happy to partner with Dubai Municipality and Dubai Health Authority for the “Health is my Wealth Program”, we are one with them in raising awareness on healthy habits and food safety. Proper nutrition is vital for good health and we must remind people to consistently eat well, we are honored to host nutritional talks and to distribute healthy food products”, Ms. Milana Boskovic, Head of Marketing, Al Ain Farms.

“At Shieldme, our mission is to inspire a healthier, better, and safer tomorrow. Being a part of the Health Is My Wealth Program allowed us to educate every household, in choosing what’s healthy, and responsibly sourced for the families.  We will continue to strive in building a community free from infections with our food safety and hygiene training”, Mr. Ali Al Khatib, Managing Director, Shieldme.

The upcoming year will be bigger than ever for the Health Is My Wealth Program covering other Emirates, adding more interactive on-ground platforms, expanded digital and social media initiatives, launching volunteering programs.