Men’s ultimate skincare products must be on his wish list!

Dubai, 22 November 2022

This season is the perfect time of the year to pamper the man in your life and upgrade his skincare routine. For men that are fairly picky and prefer products that are on the go, FOREO’s beauty-tech devices providing a holistic spa treatment in minutes is the way to go. Make every man feel extra appreciated with a fully stocked grooming kit by FOREO featuring a range of fun yet effective devices to help him look his best for the coming year.

UFO 2 – 1300 AED

Getting men to sit through a whole facial treatment can be challenging. The Swedish device UFO 2 was created to provide an overall relaxing treatment in just 90 seconds, making it an ideal gift for every man. The ultra-innovative smart mask uses potent Korean-inspired masks with warming, cooling, T-sonic pulsations, and 8 LED lights to help infuse all the essence into the skin.

BEAR – 1350 AED

Setting a new standard for facial fitness, this beauty tool firms and tightens the skin in just 2 minutes by engaging 69 different muscles around the face, neck, and chin. Men will delight in this cutting-edge technology which offers five levels of intensity that suit every skin type. After seeing exceptional results, it’s a promise they’ll continue to use them well beyond the first day.

LUNA 3 – 950 AED

Bid goodbye to flaky skin with LUNA 3, an award-winning cleanser that acts as a gentle exfoliator to get rid of impurities and dead skin cells. Channelling T-sonic pulsations through the broad waterproof silicone bristles, the device instantly improves skin texture in only 2 minutes, prepping it for a smoother shave. Looking for the perfect travel companion? Opt for LUNA mini 3, a more compact version that brings a comprehensive facial treatment and can be used anytime and anywhere.

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