June 22, 2024

Get Ready.. Luffy Gear Five Exclusive Funko to Make Waves at The Little Things ME!

 Get Ready.. Luffy Gear Five Exclusive Funko to Make Waves at The Little Things ME!
  • Dive into the World of One Piece with the Exclusive Luffy Gear Five Funko, Docking Soon at The Little Things ME!

20th May 2024, Dubai, United Arab Emirates

The Little Things ME shares a thrilling announcement that has made any Funko and One Piece fan jump for joy! Joining their Exclusive Funko line is Monkey D. Luffy — also known as Straw Hat Luffy in his latest and most powerful form yet, Gear Five.
The Exclusive Funko features Luffy’s iconic laughing pose, highlighting his infectious smile that brings joy and uplifts spirits while being clad in the divine pure white color of his new form.
One Piece is a popular anime series that started airing in October 1999. The story follows a young pirate determined to be the next Pirate King named Monkey D. Luffy and his crew, the Strawhats as they explore the vast world through the seas while searching for the legendary treasure “One Piece” that Gol D. Roger, the previous Pirate King left behind.
Expressing his enthusiasm, Hassan Tamimi, Managing Director of The Little Things ME, shared, “I’m absolutely elated to bring our latest Exclusive Funko, Straw Hat Luffy, into the spotlight. This exciting addition to our lineup symbolizes the boundless spirit and endless adventure of One Piece that we also believe in at The Little Things ME. Personally, I couldn’t be more delighted about this release, and I’m confident that fans worldwide will share my excitement.  At The Little Things ME, we’re all about keeping the surprises coming and making sure every collector finds the perfect gem for their collection.”
Priced at AED 85, The Little Things Exclusive Luffy Gear Five Funko will be available by the end of May at The Little Things stores in The Dubai Mall, Mercato Shopping Mall, Mall of the Emirates, and Bluewaters Island with limited quantities available.