May 27, 2024

GELLIFY Middle East Set to Boost Innovation of the Healthcare Industry in the Region!

 GELLIFY Middle East Set to Boost Innovation of the Healthcare Industry in the Region!

Announces Digital Healthcare Practice Headquarters in the UAE...       

–        Company has committed USD 50 million for Middle East startups; healthcare and wellness startups high priority

–        Unveils Blockchain, Data Interoperability, and new AI Technologies to enable people’s healthcare and longevity.

February 1, 2022; Dubai, UAE: Innovation Platform and International Startup hub, GELLIFY Middle East is all set to boost innovation in the healthcare industry as it announced the launch of Digital Healthcare Practice Headquarters in UAE and unveiled Blockchain, Data Interoperability, and new AI Technologies during Arab Health 2022 week. With this launch, GELLIFY aims at becominga healthcare system integrator that builds platforms and applications integrating solutions to support the digital transformation of the healthcare ecosystem. The pandemic has exposed the fragility of the Global Healthcare System; as such GELLIFY Middle East is focusing on accelerated innovations underpinned by artificial intelligence (AI), Blockchain and other Advanced Solutions to help transform healthcare and wellness services, making them easier and more efficient for providers, and more personalized and closer to patients.

Through the Digital Healthcare Practice Headquarters in UAE, the company offers healthcare providers a variety of technology services that can give them a competitive advantage, as well as accelerate and sustain their transformation journey to the future of healthcare ecosystems through open innovation and digital services. The company has also committed funds of USD 50 mn for investing in Middle East startups, and Healthcare and Wellness Startups will be invested at high priority.

Apart from investing in Workfam, the employee engagement SaaS platform that supports mental health and wellbeing of the workforce, GELLIFY leadership decided to invest in start-ups able to detect a high occurrence probability of some diseases, just using face or voice scanning, elaborated by sophisticated AI algorithms.

GELLIFY comprises of three business units, one for companies where the digital transformation of small businesses and large corporations or governments happens, another for startups offering comprehensive services beyond mentorship; and the third for investors, which provides Investment advisory and the management of a GELLIFY Investment Fund on selected innovative B2B Tech Start-ups.  

Disclosing the unique layers of its business model, Massimo Cannizzo, CEO, and co-founder of GELLIFY Middle East, said“Our concept is quite unique in the environment of innovation because while it’s an accelerator for startups it also serves as a fund for venture capitalists. In addition to this, it also provides an innovation consultancy arm specifically for corporate entities. The firm’s expertise and professional guidance allow companies to focus on their strengths – build strategies and capabilities to take full advantage of advanced technologies such as artificial intelligence, IoT, blockchain, cyber security, etc. We help healthcare service providers to create end-to-end customer experience journey through digital healthcare platforms, telemedicine solutions, healthcare mobile apps, personal health and wellness assistants, and health-monitoring by integrating data collected with selected wearable solutions.”

To face the challenges presented by COVID-19, GELLIFY offered healthcare providers and business leaders a crisis response series, called Black Swan – weekly online events where key industry leaders discussed the industry challenges and disruptions while finding solutions to eliminate such downfalls, as well as provide guidance and support. Digital Intrapreneurs Fast Track (DIFT) program is another such innovative tool helping companies identify innovative ideas within their own organization and bring products and services to market within eight weeks instead of several months. GELLIFY has also built a community called EXPLORE that connects entrepreneurs, innovators, and professionals on any digital device.

GELLIFY is now investing in the emerging technology which is moving towards becoming more accessible, preventative, lower in cost, efficient, high in quality, less invasive, and deeply personalized driven by Blockchain and data interoperability.

Speaking at Arab Health 2022 on Blockchain and AI-powered Healthcare solutions, Massimo Cannizzo, CEO and co-founder of GELLIFY Middle Eastsaid“One of the biggest buzzwords being used in the field of medical technology is “blockchain.” Simply put, blockchain holds the potential to revolutionize healthcare. Blockchain in the healthcare market will grow from USD 2.81 billion in 2021 to USD 6.1 billion by 2027, at a CAGR of 52.1%. Growth drivers are patient-centric electronic health records (EHR), faster, cheaper, better patient care, smart contracts, customer confidence, etc. A blockchain-powered patient health information exchange could unlock the true value of interoperability and reduce the current costs of intermediaries benefitting the patients. With its full deployment, patients can be truly focused on at the center of all operations, which in turn will also be entirely overhauled with better security, privacy, and accessibility”.

Continuing further he added, “The new healthcare model is shifting from a reactive treatment model to the promotion of patients’ education, connectivity, well-being, and prevention. There is a strong increase in awareness and interest related to health topics amongst people. Patients’ attitude is shifting to become proactive in monitoring and managing their health. All the available information, wearable data, and advanced technologies like AI and Blockchain are supporting this paradigm shift and as such are “augmenting” the traditional healthcare and wellness sectors. As a result, not just patients but the entire industry has to adapt to these changes”.

GELLIFY is active in helping healthcare providers; healthcare organizations and tech startups develop smart solutions that impact the overall healthcare system, with connections between patients, physicians, hospitals, pharmacies, laboratories, insurance companies, researchers, and more. The vision is to use the technology to track daily patient data, continuous monitoring of disease trends, patients with chronic conditions, the effectiveness of treatment, and keep track of recovery improvements. All of these are now possible with the help of advanced technology embedded in what we call Digital Healthcare.

Arab Health for GELLIFY forms an ideal platform to project their plans and innovations as it is a place where futuristic becomes fundamental and industry embraces innovations.