July 23, 2024

For the First Time in the World, in Dubai.. Avid Hilda is hosting the first international “World’s Top Brands 2024” exhibition in Dubai

 For the First Time in the World, in Dubai.. Avid Hilda is hosting the first international “World’s Top Brands 2024” exhibition in Dubai

A unique event that heralds the future of exhibitions. The future-oriented exhibition in the building industry worldwide. Avid Hilda is hosting the first international “World’s Top Brands 2024” exhibition in Dubai.

Dubai, June 27, 2024

Avid Hilda, a leading exhibition organizing company based in Dubai, has announced that it will host a distinctive exhibition with positive outcomes for entrepreneurs and business owners in the building industry. This event will feature selective participation by builders, contractors, and building materials, chosen by the policy council of the organizing committee, which includes members of the academic faculty from a Canadian university based in Dubai. The exhibition will take place at the Festival Arena in Dubai from October 28-31, 2024.

Mostafa Forouzand, Avid Hilda’s Chairman, announced during a press conference on Thursday at the Versace Hotel in Dubai: This grand 4-day event, which opens its doors to the public from October 28 to 31, 2024, focuses on foresight and the use of the latest scientific methods and technologies. It integrates virtual space and artificial intelligence industries, providing an online platform for global brands to showcase their products through interactive booths, live sessions, and webinars, along with innovative sales strategies.

He mentioned that over 50 exhibitors and tech companies specializing in AI for the building industry have confirmed their participation, and around 25,000 visitors are expected to attend this 4-day event.

Forouzand emphasized that this exhibition offers a unique opportunity for building industry professionals to interact with brand representatives, explore innovations, and expand their networks. They aim to create a 50,000 square meter advanced virtual exhibition space with 50 innovative booths, each equipped with cutting-edge technology, available online via the WTB app, offering a comprehensive and interactive experience for online visitors from around the globe.

The organizer of this exhibition unveiled a software developed and executed by Avid Hilda’s own team. This highly functional and attractive program facilitates interactions among participants. One feature of this platform identifies individuals at the exhibition without approaching those working in the booths. It gathers their title and details from the information displayed on the glasses worn by visitors. If desired, it saves the business card or company profile of the person or company of interest. Visitors can select negotiation languages and start discussions via an online translator. Additionally, visitors can virtually tour the factories or showrooms of the participants through Meta glasses if needed. This exhibition will feature exceptional and unique elements to streamline communication and advance design and implementation choices.

He emphasized that given the UAE’s leadership in technology and environmental sustainability, this significant global event aligns with the directives of Dubai’s wise and visionary ruler, Sheikh Mohammed Al Maktoum. This exhibition, apart from professional execution standards, will include virtual booths with multimedia capabilities (videos, 3D models, live chats).

He explained that participants can discover advanced innovations, interact with brand representatives, and participate in live sessions and webinars. This exhibition provides a platform for building industry professionals and enthusiasts to stay updated on the latest developments, expand their networks, and experience the latest advancements from various sectors.

It is anticipated that major builders, contractors, building materials manufacturers, and knowledge-based companies in the building industry from around the world will gather at this exhibition. They will create an engaging and professional environment using the latest technological methods and environmental protection principles for people around the globe.

“By integrating VR, AI, and interactive displays, our goal is to create an exceptionally engaging and personalized experience for visitors, setting a new standard for exhibitions and events. We look forward to further discussions on this proposal and exploring how we can bring this innovative concept to life.”