May 24, 2024

Experience Colombia’s savannas, wetlands and wildlife at Expo 2020

 Experience Colombia’s savannas, wetlands and wildlife at Expo 2020

A safari tour and a cowboy ride in one trip? One may not easily find these two different experiences in one travel destination, but it is possible in Colombia’s eastern region.

February 7, 2022: Orinoquía, known as the Wild East of Colombia, is characterized by vast tropical savannas, offering tourists an experience of hacienda life, complete with llaneros lessons in horse riding, cattle herding and milking. 

Expo 2020 Dubai visitors will have the opportunity to explore, experience, and enjoy a glimpse of Orinuquia’s myriads of flora and fauna species, crystal clear water, and breathtaking mountain ranges through a special virtual experience at the Colombia Pavilion to the delight of everyone’s senses. Orinoquia, is one of Colombia’s six regions located in the eastern part of the country and widely known for its vast tropical savannas with lush forests and wetlands.

The country’s Orinoco River watershed that winds through the region’s thick jungle is the perfect spot for water tourism activities. It is also home to the mighty stream Raudal de Maypures (Maipures Rapids), dubbed as the ‘Eight Wonder of the World’ by German explorer Alexander von Humboldt in the 19th century.

Colombia’s rich biodiversity provides visitors with a wide range of natural options of places to visit and things to experience. Orinoquia is the perfect spot for wildlife enthusiasts and those interested in exploring and discovering the various fauna of the country. Tourists can enjoy sightseeing while occasionally interacting with the Sabanero deer, the chigüiro, the Orinoco caiman, the four-nosed viper (Bothrops asper), the red cocora or tigers, monkeys, and if one is fearless, anacondas. Like the other regions, Orinoquia also hosts more than 300 bird species, thanks to its lush forests.

The variety of ecosystems in the region provides a home to diverse amphibians and mammals. Birdwatchers can enjoy guans, curassows, screamers, eagles, and ducks. The savannas host white-tailed deer, armadillos, tapir, and peccaries, while pumas and jaguars widely inhabit the woodlands.

The region is also home to the only protected area under Colombia’s Natural Parks system in the eastern plains. The El Tuparro Natural Park, a biosphere reserve located at the Vichada Department, is home to 74 species of mammals, 320 birds (many of them marine), 17 reptiles, 26 fish, and five primate species. Some of the most common endemic species that can be spotted in the park are top predators in the food chain, such as the jaguar, the jaguarundi [Puma yagouaroundi] and the forest fox [Cerdocyon thous].

Other major tourist destinations in the area include the Amacayacu National Natural Park, Eastern plains, Sierra de la Macarena, and Mavecure. It is the ideal destination for those who wish to hike the mountains of Serranía del or experience the cool water cascading from the waterfalls in Jirijirimo.

Colombia has emerged as a strong player in the global tourism landscape, bringing forward its diversity and wide range of untouched and protected natural areas. Recently, the country has been advancing its sustainable tourism initiatives while adding adventure and health tourism to its offerings.

All these, and so much more, are promoted in the nation’s presence at Expo 2020 Dubai. The façade of the Colombia pavilion itself reflects the country’s rich and protected biodiversity while the interiors showcase Colombia’s creativity, culture, and warm people.