July 22, 2024

Emirates Draw Introduces “PICK1”: A New Game with Daily Wins

 Emirates Draw Introduces “PICK1”: A New Game with Daily Wins

Pick Your Lucky Sign & Win Back 20x Your Entry Value!

Dubai UAE, 08 April 2024

Emirates Draw, is celebrating Eid Al Fitr with the launch of its fourth gaming offering, PICK1. Emirates Draw PICK1 game is light-hearted and casual, offering participants from around the world daily prizes of up to $54,458. With a ticket starting from only $1.36, players can pick their preferred sign(s) and join in the excitement.

PICK1 stands as the first game in the region to capture the unique moments in individuals’ everyday lives, enabling players to transform these positive occurrences into daily winning opportunities of 20 times their entry value.

Responding to the increasing demand from our valued customers for a daily game that provides more frequent winning opportunities and is financially accessible, PICK1 was designed with international appeal. It features universally recognised signs that promote optimism. With PICK1, players from diverse backgrounds can enjoy a lighthearted, engaging, and inclusive game that celebrates positivity.

The draw result for PICK1 will be posted daily from Monday to Sunday at 7:30 PM UAE time, starting from April 8th, 2024.

Emirates Draw has temporarily paused its sales in the UAE until clearer laws are issued by the UAE Commercial Gaming Regulatory Authority (GCGRA), but it continues to operate internationally in over 175 countries.

What makes Emirates Draw PICK1 stand out?

The game’s unique and spontaneous nature is all about having fun and being inspired in the moment, with no financial concerns, but rather daily rewards and satisfaction. This game will bring excitement to participants daily, each time they play one sign at a time.

Commenting on the launch of PICK1, Paul Chader, Head of Commercial at Emirates Draw, expresses: ‘With the introduction of PICK1 draw, we are not only introducing players to a new light-hearted and fun game, but also expanding our portfolio and complementing our existing offerings. As a game centred around the interpretation of daily signs, PICK1 offers an engaging gameplay format. Representing a shift from traditional offerings, we are excited for players to experience a new game that is simple and offers the opportunity to “Make Every Day a Chance to Win” For A Better Tomorrow!’

How to play?

  • To enter the daily draw, participants can buy a pencil starting from $1.36 on www.emiratesdraw.com or through the app, available on both Android and Apple stores.
  • Every PICK1 purchase contributes to conservation efforts as part of our leading social and environmental responsibility programme, aligning with international sustainability efforts.
  • Upon registration, participants select their preferred sign(s) from a pool of 36 options or opt for the system to randomly choose a sign using the ‘Quick Pick’ button.
  • Participants stand a chance to win 20 times their entry value, of up to $54,458 daily, if their chosen sign matches the ‘Sign of the Day.’ Entry values range from $1.36 to a maximum of $2,723 per entry.
  • The winning ‘Sign of the Day’ is selected using an internationally certified Random Number Generator system, ensuring transparency and fairness.

Daily Draw Result

Tune in to the Emirates Draw website, app, and social media channels daily at 7:30 PM UAE time for the draw results.

The daily cut-off time to buy tickets is 7 PM UAE time. Tickets bought after this time will automatically be entered into the draw for the following day.  So, be the first lucky winner and pick your sign(s) now!

For more information, please contact our customer support number +971 4 356 2424 from outside the UAE or email customersupport@emiratesdraw.com and stay tuned to the latest updates by following us on our social media platforms @emiratesdraw.