Emirates Draw FAST5 Illuminates UAE’s 52nd National Day with Guaranteed Wins

 Emirates Draw FAST5 Illuminates UAE’s 52nd National Day with Guaranteed Wins

Dubai, UAE, December 7, 2023

The UAE marked its 52nd National Day over the weekend with spectacular fireworks and nationwide celebrations, as global audiences joined in to witness the excitement of Emirates Draw’s live shows, all in hopes ‘For A Better Tomorrow.’

The National Day celebrations not only lit up the sky but also brought joy to the lives of three FAST5 raffle winners. Among the fortunate winners are Indian residents Mohammed Ayyub Uddin and Mohamed Rafeek Mohamed Haneefa, winning AED 75,000, and AED 50,000, respectively and a British resident securing the third Raffle prize of AED 25,000.

Their stories are symbols of hope, highlighting the UAE’s commitment to prosperity and inclusivity. With Emirates Draw turning dreams into reality ‘For A Better Tomorrow’, the UAE reiterates its commitment to nurturing dreams, providing opportunities, and ensuring a path to success for everyone.

Mohammed Ayyub Uddin – A Family Affair

For 42-year-old Mohammed Uddin, winning the top FAST5 raffle prize of AED 75,000 in Emirates Draw became a heartwarming family affair. When the notification of his raffle prize came through, the first person he shared the exciting news with was his father, a regular participant in the weekly draws since its launch.

“I’ve been playing Emirates Draw since its launch in 2021, and my father also participates regularly, so it only made sense for him to be the first I’d tell as soon as I found out,” explains the married father of four.

The business owner, originally from Hyderabad, India, and a UAE resident since 2006, received the life-changing news via email, leaving him in disbelief at the sight of his AED 75,000 win. While he had previously won smaller amounts on multiple occasions, this particular win took him by surprise.

What sets Uddin’s story apart is the participation in the draws of not just him and his father but also his entire family and a circle of friends, all sharing the common goal of winning the AED 100 million MEGA7 Grand Prize. Mohammed is now more determined to persist in playing, driven by the hope that the next draw could offer a life-changing opportunity for him and his loved ones.

Mohamed Rafeek Mohamed Haneefa – Persistent from the start

Since its inception, Emirates Draw has been a part of Mohamed Haneefa’s life. The 51-year-old marketing executive has been a regular participant, buying a weekly ticket without fail for the past two years.

“Every week I participate, in every single draw for the past two years! I’ve won small prizes before, but this is my biggest prize,” says the AED 50,000 FAST5 raffle winner.

Having arrived in the UAE from Tamil Nadu, India, two decades ago, Mohamed looks at his recent win as an opportunity to improve the lives of his wife and children, who remain back home. His journey stands as a testament to the belief that persistence can unlock remarkable opportunities, showcasing the real impact of ‘For A Better Tomorrow’ that Emirates Draw aims to deliver.

Increase your opportunities by participating in the Emirates Draw FAST5 game this Saturday, 9th December 2023, at 9 PM UAE time. Tune in Live on Emirates Draw’s digital platforms – YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, and the official website.

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