June 18, 2024

Emirates Draw: Celebrating Wins and New Beginnings Worldwide.. Winners from Pakistan, UK, Indonesia, and the Philippines

 Emirates Draw: Celebrating Wins and New Beginnings Worldwide.. Winners from Pakistan, UK, Indonesia, and the Philippines

Dubai, UAE, May 3, 2024

Thousands of participants around the world took the first step towards a new chapter in their lives by winning with Emirates Draw this past week. In total, over 3,200 individuals won more than AED 570,000 across EASY6, FAST5, MEGA7, and PICK1 games.

One of them is Ismaeel Gul Khan Sarwar Khan, a Pakistani businessman based in Qatar, who won the Top Raffle Prize of AED 70,000 with MEGA7. His recent win signifies a closer step towards his dream of relocating to Dubai.

Upon receiving a congratulatory email, Khan rewatched the recording of the live draw on YouTube to confirm his win.

Reflecting on the moment, he expressed, “It felt good when I saw my name on screen and only if you play, you will have an opportunity to win. So, keep playing. Inshallah, luck will be with you.”


Similarly, Abubakar Rohidin from Indonesia, an accountant residing in Qatar, secured the EASY6 prize of AED 150,000. Despite narrowly missing the AED 15 million Grand Prize by just one number, Rohidin’s plan to invest in property and support charitable causes highlights Emirates Draw’s universal impact on social responsibility and philanthropy.

“My friend helped pick the numbers. He chose his children’s birthdays, which are lucky for him. We will share the prize between us, 50-50,” Rohidin said.


Another player is Rommel Carpio Tupas from the Philippines, a project accountant, who played and won the FAST5 Top Raffle of AED 50,000.

Inspired by the success story of a previous FAST5 Grand Prize winner, Freilyn Angob, receiving AED 25,000 monthly for 25 years, Tupas has been actively playing all three games since 2023. Balancing his family situation with his wife working in Dubai and his two children living with him in the Philippines, he plans to use his prize to start a new business!


Winning can happen any time, as exemplified by Dean Simons, a 56-year-old entrepreneur from Hinckley, Leicestershire, UK. He gained notice previously for winning the MEGA7 Raffle Draw not once, but twice, at the same time.

However, last week Simons broke his own record by securing four wins in a single draw. The owner of a software development company has been a regular player since last year. When asked about his motivation for participating in Emirates Draw games, he stated it’s the attractive Grand Prize of millions, the UAE’s tax exemption laws, and Emirates Draw’s Coral Reef Restoration Programme.

With his eyes still set on the Grand Prize, Simons only has one advice for players. “Play your favourite numbers and wait for Lady Luck to gift you!” he mentioned.


From fulfilling dreams of relocation to starting new businesses, and from supporting charitable causes to the excitement of multiple wins, these stories show how Emirates Draw transforms lives and offers daily opportunities to participants worldwide.

The excitement of Emirates Draw’s weekly games continues this week! Tune in to the Live stream from May 3 to 5, 2024, at 9 PM UAE time on Emirates Draw’s digital platforms, including YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, and the official website. With EASY6, FAST5 and MEGA7, your dreams can come true!

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