June 18, 2024

Doge Burger, A Unique Dogecoin-Inspired F&B Concept, Has Officially Launched, Accepting Cryptocurrency for Payments!

 Doge Burger, A Unique Dogecoin-Inspired F&B Concept, Has Officially Launched, Accepting Cryptocurrency for Payments!

16 February 2022, Dubai, United Arab Emirates – In the endeavour to escalate crypto-based foodservice to new heights, a new and unique crypto-based F&B concept, Doge Burger, has officially launched in the UAE and is the first online, e-commerce platform inspired by the popular Doge meme coin. Launched by Rocket Kitchens, a chain of successful virtual restaurants with a wide portfolio of new projects and cuisines and co-founded by Robbie Youssef, one of the passive crypto investors in Dubai and an angel investor in early-stage startups. Doge Burger is the chain’s first crypto-based hospitality concept that will enable consumers across the UAE to order and pay for their meals with digital currency. 

Demonstrating a push toward digitization, and convenience, the cloud restaurant aims to play a pivotal role in the shift towards the use of cryptocurrency in the UAE, accepting all major crypto coins while offering one-of-a-kind products to accommodate the crypto community’s cravings. The restaurant was designed to reflect the Dogecoin cryptocurrency which was created in 2013 by software engineers Billy Markus and Jackson Palmer and to further incorporate the famous Doge meme, depicting a Shiba Inu dog having an internal monologue that went viral the same year. Having invested in Dogecoin at an early stage of its release, the founders entirely funded Doge Burger with Doge gains collected by the founders. 

As traders of Dogecoin and well-versed in cryptocurrency, the founder’s direct insight further enhanced the restaurant set-up, while providing valuable knowledge to better the crypto user experience. With the restaurant industry continuing to pivot online and digital, Doge Burger certainly accommodates this, while directly impacting two audiences – UAE crypto investors, and burger fanatics. 

The menu has been carefully curated by top culinary chefs who have worked for in

national brands, who’ve combined their expertise to deliver an array of delicious, all-American favourites with a mouthwatering twist and by further pushing the boundaries, Doge Burger will offer a first of its kind recipe in the UAE. Customers may be tempted to a delicious line-up of signature burgers including The Doge Burger Beef and The Doge Burger Chicken, Mushroom Swiss Burger, a Charcheese, and Garden Burger, appetizing hotdogs, notable sides, and more. 

Commenting on the launch, Ahmed Cherkaoui, Co-founder of Rocket Kitchens, said: “As the adoption of cryptocurrency gains foothold in the UAE, we have faith that concepts like Doge Burger will contribute to a significant shift in consumers behaviour in the UAE, and we are beyond excited to be part of the process.”  With its convenient crypto payment method, customers can simply place an order on www.dogeburger.co, pay using their crypto wallet and have their superior burger delivered directly to their doorstep. Serving meals for a price range of AED 35-50, the online restaurant accepts many cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin, Ethereum, BNB, CRO, XRP, USDT, Shiba, and of course Dogecoin.