May 27, 2024

Delve into Dubai’s Newest Gourmet Burger Box: Meats & Cuts Launches New DIY Burger Box Delivery Perfect for Desert BBQs and Backyard Gatherings!

 Delve into Dubai’s Newest Gourmet Burger Box: Meats & Cuts Launches New DIY Burger Box Delivery Perfect for Desert BBQs and Backyard Gatherings!

12 January 2022, Dubai, United Arab Emirates – Meats & Cuts, the new upscale, gourmet butchery located at The Pavilion, Jumeirah Park, has officially launched the ultimate, chef-approved, do it yourself (DIY) burger box, perfect for Dubai’s good weather season. Whether it’s to enjoy around a campfire in the desert or over a family backyard gathering, the new burger box provides the recipe for tangible success. 

The burger kit has everything one needs to construct the ultimate gourmet burger, with all the ingredients for a memorable meal with friends and family: wagyu beef patties, fluffy burger potato buns, cheddar cheese, and popular toppings as well as Meats & Cuts hand-crafted sauces. The burger box has been designed to cater to a variety of parties, with box options ranging from 4 burgers priced at AED 110, eight burgers priced at AED 220,12 burgers priced at AED 330, 16 burgers priced at AED 440, and a tailored package for larger groups. 

Founded by three passionate hospitality businessmen who vowed to offer premium meat without compromising quality or taste, Meats & Cuts has quickly become a neighborhood favorite. The store has already received arm’s length praise from locals who appreciate the unique product sourcing and butchery’s innovation. The burger box is a true testimony to the butchery’s consistent drive to provide innovative solutions to the local community and upkeep accessibility to prime meat. 

Commenting on the brand’s newest addition, “We will consistently extend our offering to benefit our customers, but will remain true to our mission, offering premium taste without compromising quality. We trust the community will both enjoy and benefit from our newest burger box addition, especially during the good weather season!”.

Various Occasions to Enjoy the Meats & Cuts Burger Box:  

Backyard BBQ’s

If you’re planning to unpack the tongs, light the fire and host your friends and family, the standard gourmet burger box is the ideal go-to for your BBQ evening. Sizzle your grids with succulent wagyu burger patties, and dress your dinner table with a spread of soft potato buns, fresh lettuce and tomatoes, cheddar cheese, pickles, and signature hand-crafted sauces. The at-home box caters to up to four guests and is fully customizable depending on your attendee list. The only thing you’d need to worry about is who’d win the ‘best burger build.’ 

Desert BBQ’s

If you’re a camping enthusiast and planning your next road trip to the desert, be sure to have your barbecue ‘must-haves’ delivered directly to your door. Whether you’re a burger fan or a die-hard meat connoisseur, each box is fully customizable with the finest meat, including ready-to-cook dry-aged steaks, USDA prime tenderloin, USDA prime ribeye, wagyu burgers, tenderloin skewers, hand-crafted sausages and many other beef cuts for you to explore. The meat is paired with delectable condiments, hand-crafted sauces, exquisite cheese, and flavored butter rolls. The BBQ box is the perfect meal for campfire story-time and will have everyone asking you… what’s the secret recipe?! If you’ve been tasked with snack duty, Meats & Cuts also offers an array of mixed feasting boards that are generously portioned with fine quality, international cheese, and hand-crafted cold-cuts, together paired with grapes, grissini, dry fruits, nuts, jam and honey.

Date Nights

Whether it’s an anniversary or date night, the burger box is the perfect combination for couples who enjoy working up a feast side-by-side in the kitchen. Date night orders can expect to receive four soft and pillowy buns, fresh, flavorful wagyu burger patties, a heap of toppings, and a hand-crafted sauce, the only problem is deciding whose burger tastes better.  

Parent’s Night Off 

If you’ve secretly nominated mom and dad as the chefs, Meats & Cuts burger box is a quick and delicious option that will not only feed your takeout cravings but will also free mom and dad from spending hours in the kitchen preparing dinner. The box is suitable for the entire family and is fully customizable according to each household. Packed with mouthwatering patties, soft, bouncy buns, condiments and toppings, the box is the answer to the frequently asked question… What’s for dinner?.  

Whether you are ordering online or in-store, a team of experts will provide you with advice on cooking tips, portion size, which cut to choose, preferred pairings, or special occasion advice.