May 27, 2024

Dalma Mall Teams Up with Abu Dhabi Sports Council for a Thrilling Fun Run

 Dalma Mall Teams Up with Abu Dhabi Sports Council for a Thrilling Fun Run
  • Dalma Mall’s Fun Run on 11th May to be a day of fitness and community engagement.
  • In collaboration with the Abu Dhabi Sports Council, this event promotes health and wellbeing through the ‘Abu Dhabi 360’ initiative.
  • Participants can choose to run varying distances and enjoy exciting prizes and giveaways, making it a day of fitness, fun, and community spirit.

Abu Dhabi, the UAE, 10th May 2024

Dalma Mall, Abu Dhabi’s Favorite Mall, in partnership with the Abu Dhabi Sports Council, is excited to present the Dalma Mall Fun Run on 11th May 2024. The event invites the public to participate in a morning of athleticism and entertainment, supporting the ‘Abu Dhabi 360’ initiative, aimed at enhancing community health and wellbeing.

The ‘Dalma Mall Fun Run-Sports Without Limits’ will feature races across three categories: the expert 5km race, the ambitious 3km run, and the family-friendly 1km route, offering participants a range of options to choose from. Commencing at 8 am, each route is meticulously designed to accommodate seasoned athletes and first-time runners, with all finishers receiving a coveted finisher’s medal.

The event has received an overwhelming registration and encourages participants of all ages and fitness levels to lace up their running shoes and join in the fun. With fantastic prizes and giveaways up for grabs, the excitement doesn’t end at the finish line. The event is set to be a spectacular visual experience for visitors as well.

Bhupinder Singh, General Manager and CFO of Dalma Mall, expressed profound enthusiasm for the upcoming event, remarking, ‘We are thrilled to host the Fun Run, which not only champions a healthy lifestyle but also forges stronger community bonds. This event epitomizes a pivotal facet of our dedication to the ‘Abu Dhabi 360′ initiative, striving to cultivate a culture of wellness that resonates across all age groups and demographics in Abu Dhabi. Our objective is to witness families uniting, enjoying themselves, and departing with a renewed sense of motivation to uphold active, wholesome lifestyles. The Dalma Mall Fun Run transcends mere competition; it serves as a platform to instil a lifelong commitment to health and well-being.’

Dalma Mall is dedicated to creating a positive impact in the community by hosting events that promote health, wellness, and social interaction.Through the partnership with Abu Dhabi Sports Council and the Department of Municipalities & Transport, Dalma Mall continues to play a crucial role in promoting active lifestyles and enhancing community well-being.

The run will take place indoors on the 2nd floor and the registration check-in and bib pick-up starts at 6 am on the ground floor. Participants are advised to arrive at the venue 30 minutes early to register and reserve their spot and seize the opportunity to win incredible prizes and giveaways. The collection of the running pack from the registration desk will close at 07:45 am and the run will start exactly at 8:00 am.