June 18, 2024

Children style guide for unpredictable weather

 Children style guide for unpredictable weather

Layers, we can’t stress this enough! When dressing your kiddos, always opt for the 3 layer rule which includes the base layer, middle or second layer, and the outer layer. 

First and foremost, the base layer, which is the closest layer to the skin, wicks the sweat away and keeps them warm and dry. Tip: Opt for synthetic material such as polyester or nylon. You want to stay away from cotton as it holds all the moisture. 

Next is your second layer which is placed right on top of the base layer and its main objective is to retain body heat to maintain warmth. This layer is usually considered to be thicker and fluffier. Tip: Opt for thick knit wool such as polyester fleece or tube leggings. 

Last but not least is your outer layer which protects them from wind, rain, or snow. Tip: Opt for water-resistant or waterproof jackets depending on the weather.