May 24, 2024

Chef Vikas Khanna unveils new book from India Pavilion

 Chef Vikas Khanna unveils new book from India Pavilion

Michelin-starred Chef’s 37th book offers a glimpse into India’s rich culinary history.

DUBAI, January 27, 2022: Internationally acclaimed Michelin-starred Chef Vikas Khanna recently unveiled his book, ‘Back To Our Roots: Recipes From The Holistic Kitchen’ from India Pavilion at Dubai Expo 2020.

The book is inspired by a conversation between Vikas Khanna and award-winning author Flavel Monteiro and comprises recipes that redefine gastronomy and look at simplicity, the science, techniques, creativity, and the culinary art of cuisine without losing sight of the ingredients.

The book showcases India’s rich culinary heritage with a focus on enhancing health through food and aims towards a sustainable path of connecting people through a holistic process of a plant-based diet and encouraging local sourcing, which is in line with the concept of sustainability witnessed throughout the Expo and the India Pavilion.

Releasing his 37th book, Chef Vikas Khanna said, “I am proud to release my book from the India Pavilion at EXPO2020. This book is about the ancient wisdom of cooking a plant-based diet using the best ingredients. I am proud of each and every dish we created in this book, and I hope the readers will enjoy cooking from this book as much as we enjoyed creating this book.”

The book is based on 51 recipes and will provide an enriching culinary experience to cooking enthusiasts. The book contains recipes that bring together roots, herbs, spices and natural produce

 with a special focus on health, wellness along with an emphasis on certain foods such as legumes, vegetables, whole grains, fruits and nuts that are associated with good health.

The India Pavilion has been pivotal in showcasing India’s cultural heritage including the various cuisines, festivals and art forms at the EXPO2020 Dubai.