May 22, 2024

Bosch at CES 2022: smart technology to make everyday life safe, convenient, and sustainable

 Bosch at CES 2022: smart technology to make everyday life safe, convenient, and sustainable
  • Innovative: smart connected biking solution named CES® 2022 Innovation Awards honoree.
  • Software-based: Bosch show car reveals the software-defined and connected car for the mobility of today and tomorrow.
  • Extraterrestrial: Bosch technology on the ISS detects anomalies on the basis of audio analytics.
  • Suitable for everyday use: smart home appliances for more convenience, sustainability, and security.

Dubai, United Arab Emirates – Technology for all walks of life: at CES in Las Vegas from January 4 through 8, 2022, Bosch will be presenting connected, smart, and sustainable products and services for a better life – at home and on the road.

Smart connected biking solution – e-bike riding enjoyment 2.0: The new systems generation from Bosch eBike Systems merges the physical experience of riding an e-bike with the digital experience provided by connectivity and an app. This smart system comprises the new eBike Flow app, an LED user interface, color display, rechargeable battery, and drive unit. Over-the-air updates mean it can be continuously enhanced. The eBike Flow app opens up a range of new digital features for e-bikes, such as automatic activity tracking and personalized riding modes. Whether on the daily commute or a leisurely ride, the result is more enjoyment over longer distances.

A Bosch must-see

Bosch show car: The future of mobility is automated, connected, electrified, and personalized. In the future, more and more vehicles will be electrically powered. They will increasingly be connected with other road users and their surroundings, and provide personalized, cloud-based services for their occupants such as wrong-way driver alerts or road condition updates.

Virtual visor – the transparent digital sun visor: Conventional sun visors shield car drivers from dazzling light. But folding them down often also blocks significant areas of a driver’s field of vision. Bosch has solved this problem with a new, transparent LCD solution that replaces opaque visors.

SoundSee – intelligent ears for the ISS: Although barely bigger than a lunch box, Bosch’s SoundSee is brimming with start-of-the-art artificial intelligence (AI). SoundSee can be found on the ISS (international space station).

Software-based solutions for the mobility of today and tomorrow

Advanced driving module – pre-integrated components for electric cars: To make the development of electric cars less complex, and thus improve efficiency for automakers, Bosch offers pre-integrated modules such as its ADM advanced driving module. The ADM combines powertrain, brakes, and steering to form an integrated unit that automakers can incorporate faster and more cost-effectively into their vehicles.

TPA technician process assistant – a digital handyman: The TPA technician process assistant is part of a connected after-sales ecosystem in which humans and machines exchange data as needed to efficiently repair and maintain vehicles. The system, which is continuously learning and evolving, is a hands-free, platform-agnostic solution that works with tablet, PC, and wearables.

A breath of fresh air – Bosch solution for better urban air quality: To improve air quality in cities, at airports and train stations, and in business parks, Bosch offers innovative solutions that precisely record and simulate emissions. Bosch air-quality monitors provide precise readings for nitrogen oxides, particulates, humidity, and temperature – in other words, important information for gauging local air quality. The data is then uploaded to the cloud and evaluated. Knowing precisely what pollutants are in the air, where they are, and where they are spreading to allows countermeasures to be taken quickly, for better air at all times.

Smart solutions that improve convenience and security in the home

Bosch heating and cooling solutions for a perfect climate in the home: Thanks to state-of-the-art inverter technology, the highly efficient Climate 5000 3.0 ductless mini-split air-source heat-pump system offers ample heating and cooling capacity. This heat pump is suitable for most residential buildings due to its ability to heat efficiently, even in frigid outdoor temperatures.

Connected thermostats – smart and simple heating control: With its BCC50 and BCC100 connected thermostats, Bosch offers a simple and smart all-in-one control for heating, air-conditioning, and ventilation systems. Users can program their own heating and cooling schedules, for example. The controls are set directly on the thermostat, by using the Bosch Connected Control app, or by voice command.

Intelligent oven – cooking with a voice assistant: What temperature? Direct heat or steam? Finding the right setting can be tricky. But whether it’s a quick supper or fine dining, an intelligent Bosch oven will do the trick. The voice assistant Alexa is standing by with advice, and will not only recommend the best oven setting, but also switch the oven on if required – all you have to do is ask.

Recipes inspired by a digital look inside the fridge: No idea what to eat? Fridge always full of leftovers? That’s now a thing of the past. Now food can be entered into a digital fridge inventory – manually, by synchronizing with the Home Connect shopping list, or via a camera in the fridge. The Home Connect app will then know exactly what’s in the fridge and provide recipe ideas based on the provisions available.

Bosch Cookit – all-around culinary talent: The new “My Recipe” function allows Cookit to save personal recipes. The recipe, with all ingredients, quantities, temperatures, and special tips, is entered in the Home Connect app, which then relays it to the Cookit. The food processor with cooking function will then guide the user through the preparation steps as often as required.

Spexor – protecting what you love: This mobile security assistant is an intelligent all-in-one appliance that provides constant, ubiquitous protection. It detects break-ins and hazardous gases, measures room-air quality, and sounds the alarm if it gets too hot or too cold. If spexor’s integrated sensors detect anomalies in the monitored environment, it sends a notification straight to the user’s smartphone. The multisensor appliance is wireless and can be used wherever there is at least a cellular connection.

Bosch sensors – unshakeable, untiring, and incredibly flexible

BME688 – monitors air quality and protects forests: Bosch Sensortec has developed the BME688,this innovative MEMS sensor is the world’s most compact four-in-one air-quality sensor featuring artificial intelligence, and is capable of measuring gas, humidity, temperature, and atmospheric pressure simultaneously.

BHI260AP – revolutionizing fitness tracking: Bosch Sensortec has developed the BHI260AP – a novel, self-learning motion sensor that gives wearables and hearables artificial intelligence. The sensor recognizes and responds automatically to many different movements and can learn any new fitness activity based on regularly repeated routines.

BMP384 – resistant to water, chemicals, and dust: Wearables, home appliances, and industrial applications often have to cope with tough conditions. Up to now, however, many barometric pressure sensors have not been very robust or resistant to fluids, and therefore could not always be installed in watertight products. With Bosch Sensortec’s BMP384, it’s a different story. This barometric sensor is as compact as it is robust. At CES, Bosch Sensortec is also debuting a new ultra-precise pressure sensor that can also be used for indoor navigation and location.

Bosch IoT solutions for the connected city and for more data security

From a single source – application store for video analytic apps: The world’s first open application store for video analytics apps allows surveillance cameras to be flexibly equipped with new AI-assisted functions. In just a few minutes, applications for detecting things such as face masks, smoke, fire, and flooding or for evaluating flows of traffic and visitors can be installed on compatible cameras. Developed by the Bosch subsidiary Azena, more than 100 apps are already available for more than 40 use cases – with new ones joining them every month.

Smart video cameras for greater road safety: Thanks to a new deep-learning video analytic software, the new Inteox cameras with object classification can be used in areas such as traffic monitoring. Even in heavy traffic, they can recognize precise details of vehicles faster. AI helps to detect unforeseen, undesired, or future situations more quickly, more intuitively, and more reliably.

Using artificial intelligence to ward off hackers: The Bosch AI shield is a security product featuring artificial intelligence. It protects against external attacks by AI-assisted systems. One way it provides this protection is through a vulnerability analysis. The solution comprises an SaaS (software as a service) tool and user interface, and has been designed so that developers can use and scale it for a variety of applications. The AI model in the appliances or the cloud protects IP, brands, and investments, and in this way creates trust in digitalization.

Bosch at CES 2022:

  • PRESS CONFERENCE: Livestreamed on the Bosch Media Service on Tuesday, January 4, 2022, from 20:00 to 20:45 p.m. GST with Dr. Tanja Rückert, Bosch CDO, and Mike Mansuetti, president of Bosch in North America, from CES 2022.
  • BOOTH: January 5–8, 2022, in the Central Hall, booth #16103