May 25, 2024

BELL & ROSS Launches Boutique Edition BR 01 CYBER SKULL SAPPHIRE

 BELL & ROSS Launches Boutique Edition BR 01 CYBER SKULL SAPPHIRE

In 2009, the watchmaker became one of the first to create a skull watch. Since then, the BR 01 Skull family has grown to include ten members which are greatly sought after by collectors.

In 2020, the avant-garde Cyber Skull revisited this iconic series. Its faceted design represented a leap into the future. And it was a resounding success.

In 2021, the latest Cyber Skull Sapphire is a completely translucent, full sapphire version.

The base is a Cyber Skull, which has nevertheless been developed entirely in colourless sapphire crystal. It plays the transparency card to the full, including in the translucent rubber strap.

This technical material fires this icon of the watchmaking world into the realm of transparency and wealth.

The skull and crossbones are captured between two sapphire crystals so that they appear to be floating in the air.

Initially, the sapphire is a precious block of very hard glass. A material that is very difficult to shape. The slightest error means starting all over again.

There are only ten BR 01 Cyber Skull Sapphire watches. It is a very limited series, exactly as collectors like.

It is at the crossroads of watchmaking, design and technology. This multi-faceted gem displays all the Bell & Ross watchmaking know-how.

It is enchanting and fascinating, disruptive and avant-garde.