A New Retail Concept by Hind Al Oud in Bawabat Al Sharq Mall

 A New Retail Concept by Hind Al Oud in Bawabat Al Sharq Mall

Abu Dhabi, 13 March 2023

Hind Al-Oud always surprises its guests by making them an essential part of its vision and achievements, and it loves to share those moments of success in a unique way. In normal opening events, key persons only are responsible for cutting the opening ribbon in the store. For that reason, Hind Al-Oud flipped the script in Bawbat Al Sharq Mall by making every person who visited the opening to be the VIP of the night. To point the spotlights on our guests and let them experience emotions they never experienced before.

Many reporters and people attended many opening events and it is very unusual to see them participate in the ribbon cutting

Mohammed Hilal

Devoted to the art of perfumery, Hind Al Oud is leading the way as the first luxury fragrance house to pioneer innovation by capturing new emotions through the power of scent.

As an award-winning Emirati brand, Hind Al Oud believes that our sense of scent is not just a tool for detecting aromas but also a means of unlocking a world of positive self-development. Hind Al Oud crafts fragrances through a unique lens of fusing the cognitive perspective with an aspirational sense of becoming; inspiring and guiding us on a journey towards an emotionally utopic state of mind.

Today, Hind Al Oud introduces a new concept – a vision of a futuristic luxury space where your emotions take centre stage. By harnessing the power of scent to identify and fulfil your emotional needs, this experience leads you towards a future of confidence, success and purpose.

The design philosophy behind the new retail concept is one where experimentation, inspiration, and luxuriance collide. A masterpiece of spaciousness and grandeur aesthetics, the retail store exhibits a range of luxury fragrances in a museum-esque display; with each unique story behind the perfumes brought to life in a visually striking and emotionally engaging fashion.

A meticulously crafted customer journey has been thought out to embody a luxuriously modern atmosphere that invites you to identify your desired emotional needs through an olfactory voyage. 

Enriched with technology, the store is divided into designated areas, each of which represents an emotion ranging from happiness to confidence and elegance – all carefully curated in an immersive journey that draws you in to experience the true essence of each emotion.

An interactive perfuming area has been created as a platform of emotional transcendence; a place to envelop yourself in a realm of exploration. By blending technology with humanistic senses, the space is designed to stimulate your responses, trigger your emotions, and ultimately pair you with a scent that evokes the state of being you aspire to achieve.

The materials have been meticulously selected to create a truly majestic spectacle that personifies luxury and modernity. Smoked-out mirrors adorn the space to convey a sense of limitless possibilities, acting as a window into self-reflection, while quartz is used to symbolize balance and harmony. A touch of rippled glass adds the dimension of depth and fluidity to the space in a visual symphony, and black marble floors are laid as a foundation of stability – strikingly veined with white calcite streaks that contrast in understated opulence.

Discover the lavish fragrant world of Hind Al Oud [at the Hind Al Oud Bawabat Al Sharq Mall boutique in Abu Dhabi] and indulge yourself in a unique olfactory journey that promises to enrich your soul.

Hind Al Oud, the luxury Emirati perfumery house created by Mohamed Hilal (founder and creative director) over 20 years ago. Born from a passion for and obsession with perfumery, Hind Al Oud is a unique luxury brand offering the richest quality of perfumes and oils presented in a modern elegant image. Iconography expresses every individual’s identity. Offering a collection of engaging perfumes for every man and woman who knows what they want and has always striven to achieve their goals.

A dream that turned into reality, is how the inception of the Mohamed Hilal Group started. A vision to epitomize emotion regardless of the industry is the drive behind the Emirati group. 

Hind Al Oud started the emotional journey, of Mohammed Hilal Group over 20 years, with the ambition to create exclusive scents for every emotion using the most exquisite perfumery ingredients. The luxury Emirati house took off and led the group to expand with additional brands such as Anfasic Dokhoon, Khaltat …

Soon enough, the group spread its wings from a smelling sensation to smelling and tasting through its well-known restaurants: Ana, the Fusion Emirati cuisine, and the Third Avenue where you are the star on the culinary catwalk with this fine dining experience.

‘And the adventure seems endless as the vision to create an empire dedicated to embodying emotion that is the core which fuels its founder. Our real big dream is to scent 8 billion lives and to make our smell sensation as our nose to guide us to the dream and to the goal that we want to achieve.’ At Mohamed Hilal Group, We Dream Awake!