June 15, 2024

7 Valentine’s Day Delivery Menu Ideas for Restaurants

 7 Valentine’s Day Delivery Menu Ideas for Restaurants

By Naji Haddad, Deliverect’s Middle East General Manager

Millions of couples, families, and groups of friends across the globe celebrate Valentine’s Day every year. For many of them, the best gift to show their love is a special meal.

With diners spending more than they usually would in order to impress their loved ones, the opportunity for revenue is huge (both on- and off-premise). More importantly, the holiday also presents an opportunity for restaurants to connect with their customers and shower them with specially selected deals and promotions.

Whether they have a reservation or order out, consumers expect a unique and personal Valentine’s experience. Here are seven creative delivery menu ideas that will make your restaurant stand out from the crowd.

#1 Create a special menu and include deals

Valentine’s Day isn’t all that different from holidays like New Year’s Eve or Mother’s Day. People are generally looking to have a special time and they want to be wowed by a menu specially created for the occasion.

A Valentine’s themed menu comes in many shapes and forms. Whatever menu your restaurant decides to offer, here are a few ideas to get your creative juices flowing:

  • Sharing food may be one of the most romantic gestures in the world (depending on who you ask). That’s why putting finger foods, appetizers, and other “easy to share” dishes on the menu is a great idea.
  • Don’t stop at just one Valentine’s special, but create an enticing two- or three-course menu including a starter, a main course, and a dessert.
  • Special deals and promotions are part of any holiday. You could opt for a Buy One, Get One Free deal, a free dessert or bottle of wine with 2 mains, or a discount on a set menu.

#2 Class it up

No matter the location, fancy menu items like lobster, truffles, and oysters always do well on 14 February. So do steak dinners and special desserts. (Chocolate-covered strawberries, anyone?)

If these items aren’t on your regular delivery or take-out menu, consider including them in your Valentine’s specials. If you want to stay true to your concept, you can swap an ingredient in one of your signature dishes with a more luxurious one to create a lobster burger, a crab or Kobe beef taco, truffle pasta, or a surf and turf pizza.

#3 Offer add-ons

Have you ever thought about partnering with other local businesses in your area? Now’s the time!

Turn your dining experience into a full-day experience by creating a package deal that includes your Valentine’s menu and add-ons like spa and wellness vouchers, flowers, beauty and bath products, exclusive cigars, a handmade tie, or even a B&B stay.

#4 Sell an experience, not just a meal

There are many ways to provide an unforgettable Valentine’s experience to your customers at home. While your delicious food should always be front and center, it’s easier than you think to go the extra mile and create a truly exceptional evening:

  • Provide special themed packaging for your meals.
  • Print a QR code linking to a romantic playlist you made and add it to your delivery bags.
  • Add a small gift to each order, such as a candle, a homemade card, a rose, heart-shaped table decorations, or even a saucy haiku. Whatever fits your brand best!
  • Tell your customers how to set the table and create a magical evening in a short how-to guide.

You could even ask your diners to send you a photo of their romantic dinner table set-up in exchange for a discount on their next order.

#5 Offer something exclusive but be inclusive

Valentine’s Day isn’t just for couples. Friends, families, and singles shouldn’t feel left out. That’s why it’s a good idea to create multiple special menus for different audiences.

You could offer an elegant Galentines menu for the ladies, a Meat Lovers menu for the men, or even an anti-Valentine’s menu with the least romantic foods you can think of. The possibilities are endless! 

#6 Let your brand personality shine through

Now’s the time to get creative with original names and descriptions for your Valentine’s Day specials. Get it right and you’ll put a smile on your customers’ faces while giving them something to talk about (hello, free promotion!) and inspiring them to order again in the future.

Need some inspiration to go from? Think along the lines of a Don’t Go Bacon My Heart burger, a So Kale Me Maybe bowl, or a You’re So Cheesy pasta dish. The funnier, the better!

#7 Promote your menu

If you’re going to put in the effort of creating a Valentine’s Day menu for your off-premise guests, make sure they know about it beforehand. (Planning a romantic evening, even at home, isn’t usually something that is done last-minute.)

Pull out all the stops to promote your menu on social media, through email, and in your restaurant. You could even organize a giveaway to create that extra buzz, asking your regular customers to declare their love for their favorite dish to win a special Valentine’s prize.